The Loner

Piercing blue eyes

Staring out over the horizon

Mirroring the landscape laid out before him

A lone speck on a hillside

Removed from the pack

Standing strong and proud

Surviving on instinct

Fierce and bold

A young pup orphaned left to live or die

His loyalty only to himself

Untrusting of others

Finding comfort in solitude

Seeking help from none

Watching and learning is how he gets by

A loner living amongst tightknit packs

An outsider—an interloper—stranger

He comes and he goes answering to no one

Alone and a loner he travels as one

No one to worry about

No responsibilities nor commitments

He does as he pleases

Roams where he may

A solitary existence is what he seeks

To be alone and left on his own that is

The Loner


By, Anne Paterson

My Zen Zone

This familiar path I’ve walked a thousand times

My stride in time with the music playing from my iPod

A steady breeze coming in off the Bay

Washes over me cooling my body and mind

Looking out over cold grey waters

Comforting and soothing my soul

My heart is at peace here down at the shore

A visit isn’t complete without walking the length of the pier

Listening to doves nestled within the rocks of the breakwater

Starfish and crabs gathered below the surface hidden from view

The seagulls scrapping over bits of garbage thrown carelessly aside

Where the sea meets land waves lapping along the shore, I find solace

The beauty of nature to cleanse the mind heal the heart

Time doesn’t exist—the clock hands are still

Here in my Zen Zone, all is quiet and calm

Serenity and peace at my paradise where water meets the shore

By, Anne Paterson

Childhood Freedom

Laughter echoing—filtering through the trees

Dead branches—scraps of wood in place of weapons

A game of war rages on

Big kids versus little

Boys versus girls

Children playing plain and simple

Nothing pretentious just ordinary fun

No computers nor internet to dampen creativity

Imagination spurs the mind uncluttered by censure

Carefree and easy

Kids allowed to be free

No pressure to perform like puppets on a string

Kids being kids for as long as they can be

Adulthood, responsibility and seriousness can wait

Now is the time for childhood freedom

To run, jump, skip, play and shout

By, Anne Paterson


Sirens wailing rushing past

To help some poor soul

Someone needing care

Not me this time

I’m okay for now

My turn was last Monday

Almost a week now has gone

They had wailed and moaned

Raced to my aid

Took me under their wing

Gave me drugs

Ran some tests

Stayed a day or two

I needed the rest

When I hear the sirens’ scream

I thank God they’re on the way

To save a life from slipping away

The sirens’ call is a friend to me

It’s visited me often

Too many to count

Don’t fear the siren

It saves lives and heartbreak

It calms and brings hope


Snow Leopard

Surrounded by glistening white

Breath like fog rolling in from the ocean

The only movement a twitch of a whisker as ice melts

Splashing up tickling its nose

Eyes closed dreaming of the chase in green meadows

Tucked away under branches heavy with snow and ice

Blending in away from prying eyes

The only light emanating from the shiny blanket

The ground a mirror image of the snow moon above

All is still –frozen in place

The quiet, broken by a wolf’s cry calling out to its mate

A soft purring escapes from low down

A powder puff of fluff shaped like a snowball

Sleeping, content the snow leopard lays

Safe and secure out of sight


Anne Paterson


You are my lifeline that maintains my sanity

Your quiet all-knowing demeanour a soothing balm

You make me feel safe and secure—calm my anxieties

You’re one I can turn to in desperate times

Relying upon your expertise to care for me

I couldn’t have made it this far without you

Your understanding of my tortured mind encompasses me

Comforts me like the arms of a parent

Shielding me from harm

You’re the life raft that encircles me

Keeping me afloat

Lifting my head above the water

Allowing me to see the shoreline

You are my lifeline—my lifesaver

Without you, I’d be lost


Anne Paterson

Goodbye Get Lost

I left because I had to

To find my old self

The person I used to be

The inner light that disappeared

You swept me off my feet as all con men do

Led me to believe you were the one

The one that dreams were made of

What I had been missing that last piece of my puzzle

You said you loved me

That wasn’t true

You were in love with the thought of being in love

The fact was you didn’t know how to

You were selfish and childish—you never grew up

You lived for yourself

For what was best for you

Your name and memories of our past torment and taunt me

I tried to exorcise your ghost, yet you still haunt me

I want to move on

Leave you in the dust

Forget about all those wasted years

Years of heartache and pain

Erase all thoughts of you

Send you far away

To a land void of emotion and recollection of you

I cast ye out like the vermin you are

A plague to my sanity—a poison

With every fibre of my being, I tell you now and forever


Get lost

My Child, My Son, A Man

Bicycles and Lego sets

Blowing bubbles and water fights

Disney movies and bedtime stories

Yugioh, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon

Games all little boys played

Video games to computers and laptops

Smartphones, tablets and Kobos

Your toys evolved and changed as did you

Where a little boy once stood is now a man

Standing tall and strong like an oak tree

Tender, kind and generous of heart

A testament of good character

My child my son a man

I love you

By, Anne Paterson

White Knight

Lost and abandoned you rode in

Chasing away my fears of a future unknown

Your gentle voice calmed my worried mind

Soothing the frightened girl within

Your strong presence beat back the terrors

The nightmares of my present—the here and now

No longer I stood by myself alone fighting a battle

Defending against an invisible foe

A coward which attacks poor souls from the shadows

Your shiny armour and steed of white

My champion standing tall and fierce

Sympathetic to my plight

Oh, White Knight of fairy tales and make-believe

Your rescue has saved me

Stemmed the tears and thoughts of despair

By Anne Paterson


My brother

My brother

Older, not always wiser

Creative, a jack of all trades

As our father was before us

Faithful loyal and loving

Defender of the weak and challenged

A family man through and through

Generous and caring to friends now and then

My biggest supporter

Partner in crime, mischief and mayhem

I’m Bonnie you’re Clyde

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid

My buddy and my pal

You’re my closest friend

Thank you for standing by my side

I love you dear brother

My brother

By Anne Paterson