Moving and dancing into the great unknown (hour 12 of the half marathon)


When I think I know what I’m calling into being–

when I believe I know my heart’s call–

when I feel I’m ready to move–

And, I’m stymied,

What is really happening?

How can I deeply listen?

How do I find peace in not knowing right timing for this move?

and How do I move and dance with the Great Unknown?

Great Excitement! (hour 11 of half marathon)

Great excitement!  Great excitement! We burst with delight!

Wahooooooo, sings Tazz, while Harper gives kisses when Dana comes for dinner.

We love our Dana, oh yes!  Dana gets on the floor and plays with us, snuggles with us, brings us toys too.

Oh life is so good, yes yes yes, when Dana comes for dinner!  Wahoooooo!

Autobiography of These Hands of Mine (10th hour of half marathon)

Autobiography of These Hands of Mine

These hands have nurtured young, caressed lovers, washed uncounted dishes and pots and pans, hung laundry, washed the body of my deceased mother, held hands of friends, and strangers too, in support during joy and tragedy and they have welcomed and received comfort.

These are the unmanicured hands of a gardener, unafraid to place my hands in the dirt to pull up unwanted plants (you may call them weeds if you prefer, I do not.)

These hands are signs of an individual who lives, works, loves. And, at 67 years, my hands show their age with (a few, only a few!) age spots.

These hands, well lived and reaching out for more life, love, work and joy!


Censored (9th hour of half marathon)

Words flow

I talk, think, write without ceasing

Make sense? Not always!

One certainty: Succinct is Not my middle name.

(unless I edit, re-edit, re-edit, re-edit.)


What is needed! (hour 8 of half marathon)

We need shelter for the homeless.

We need people to care for those who need protection.

We need food to feed those without enough to eat.

We need transportation for those without cars.

We need health care for those who cannot pay.

We need. We need. We need. We need. We need. We need. We need.


Each of us – you and I, or I alone, you alone or most effective and best yet: ALL OF US to care for one another. I care for you. You care for me. Together we care for us all.

We are all a part of one another. Together we make the difference.

Railroad Tunnel (7th hour half marathon)

Watching my steps to avoid puddles of water

Dark gloomy stone walls, dripping with slime

Two sets of raised tracks, each 9 feet apart with too-narrow paths near the damp walls

What if two trains enter the tunnel at the same time? I could be crushed.

Looking behind me, I see misty green trees in the distance. Mystery.

Looking ahead, I am nearly blinded by the bright sunlight. Light.

What an amazing space to enter AS LONG AS no trains enter.

Too hot! (6th hour of marathon)

I’m hot, sweaty, cranky for sure.

Running errands in this heat is not fun when searching for a parking space.

I growl and curse, but finally a space opens.

Inside, I relax and receive practical help, but then I’m outside in the heat again.

Cars jam in the lot before I can escape, then, alas I must wait for a train!

Now I am home and cooling down, but betcha if I’m crossed I’ll still be cranky (Alas, too hot!)

Down memory lane to DinosaurLand (5th hour of marathon)

My sister and I slipped away from my mother’s watchful eyes one day,

Or maybe Mom didn’t realize I was in town for the weekend.

We slipped away from caregiving on a secret adventure

To DinosaurLand! With its giant fiberglass dinosaurs and an octopus and a bright green praying mantis too. All somewhat worn and torn but we giggled and posed amid the fiberglass gore and on King Kong’s palm too.

Two sisters having fun yet feeling bittersweet sadness with a taste of guilt.

Missed Opportunity (4th hour of marathon)

To the dogs, to the dogs I go!

Whaoooo! they sing at the door with kisses galore in greeting

Run outside for relief

Deer in the trees, look to watch, then graze again

as the dogs, more interested in treats and play, run inside

And, I, whaooo in joy, for their missed opportunity for a chase.