Her thoughts were, at times, volatile
Although he knew her for a while
To him, she appeared sublime
And thought of her thoughts as a chime

Fallen for her smile
He wished; for him, she walk down the aisle
Weird as she was,
She had her own style!

In her own heart
She was hostile
Little did he know,
She was running out of time

Ready to walk another mile
Nothing was worthwhile
She transformed into sunshine
Nobody could ever compile

Tale of Childhood

After a dark night,
There’s a surmise.
Although the moon is bright
And the stars infinite,
With the darkness I fight.

After a hug tight,
There’s a surprise.
Although the kiss is just right
And the smiles infinite,
The love gives me a fright.

After a twilight,
There’s a sunrise.
Although the glimpse is slight
And the feeling alright,
All I see is a lovely sight.

After a skylight,
There’s an advice.
Although I get an insight
And a thought I write,
The souls are here to unite.


Lush green fields
Swaying with the cool breeze
With sun shining bright
Like gold it shines

But does the sunshine spread evenly everywhere?
I doubt!
And so, rely on the technology
These robo@fields do an awesome job
Believe me or check it out for yourself –

“Spread the sunshine
Get it aligned!
All will have it soon
For it all is thine!

Come out of disguise
For, the summer is to rejoice!
Grab some solar energy
For, you don’t have a choice!

Now get back to work, you are our slaves; remember!
Before sunset this must be done,
For, after that, you be down!
And I will be helpless.”


Although living in a cage,
I am a bird; flying in my dreams.
Mine is a story untold;
I wish I was enough bold!

In the question marks I believed,
And in the doubts, I often dived.
I imagined to come out of the cage,
And in my head, I was all free and all set to fly!

Destiny gave chances manifold!
Fearing the flight,
I, still did not give it a try
And so,
Never touched the sky….

Would it have been worth while? (The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock BY T. S. ELIOT)

Your words now have an insidious effect on me
Tedious arguments breaking my heart
Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
Coz I know you do not give a damn shit

You say
“There will be time, there will be time”
But deep down in the heart of mine,
I know,
Gone is the time
Time for you and time for me

But indeed
There will be time
To wonder,”Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?”
Do I dare to get out of my chair?
Do I dare to declare?
Do I dare to ask if you care?

I, no more, seek answers though;
For I have known them all already, known them all;

But one last question before I leave the world,
If ever I had given one last chance to us, would it have been worth while?

A bunch full of flowers in the hands
Colorful and beautiful
Flow out to spread fragrance
In the house

A bunch full of thoughts in the mind
Wise and wonderful
Flow out to spread brilliance
In the conscience

A bunch full of virtues in the heart
Powerful and truthful
Flow out to spread oneness
In the life

Dear Brother cum Friend

I know I drive you crazy,
You too, sometimes are fussy…
To me, you still are my li’l baby

You know we both are choosy,
Cheer up and take it easy..
I am sorry, I say frankly!!
So do mummy and daddy!

No matter how much we are busy,
We’ll always make time for you silly!

It’s Your 21st, You’re lucky..
We’ll make you fell special, do not worry!
Now do not frown and don’t be angry…
Get ready and let’s party!!

You naughty boy,
We Love You,
Be Happy!

Coz You know……..


Love Came To Her Rescue

With the tantrums she threw,
Why really, nobody knew.
When all that she had,
She was about to lose.
But every single time,
Love came to her Rescue.

With all that she knew,
She never really grew.
With all that she said,
Darkness was all she was to choose.
But every single time,
Love came to her Rescue.

With all the dreams she flew,
She was always new.
But the danger was laid,
Unaware she was, of the blues.
But every single time,
Love came to her Rescue.

With the minds she blew,
She was a staring view.
With the price not paid,
She had her share of dues.
But every single time,
Love came to her Rescue.

With the love so true,
She took an advantage undue.
The words were left unsaid,
About which she had no Clue.
But every single time,
Love came to her Rescue.


Have a crazy bunch of people around me
Who care for me in every special way!!

Feels just yesterday, we started off together on the path,
Who knew, we would be as we are today!

I look back..
Years gone by, I now see in a flash!!
Moments together, are all captured in the snaps!!

“HAPPY YEARS”, I’ll name them,
Wonder how strangers become FRIENDS for life!

Guys!! It’s more than a promise,
Loads of memories I will cherish!!

No matter wherever we’ll be years from now,
You all will be the same crazy people for me, I vow!!


Ruled by the others she was till date,
Serene and innocent.
A damsel indeed;
Attempting to prevent apocalypse,
With a smile on her face.

But she was made to write her own fate
Growing in the shadow of the apocalypse,
Strong and fierce she became,
An independent queen with fire in her eyes.

Fairytale was her life.
Little did she know,
She was a monster in the making.
Did apocalypse change her?

Angel cum devil
As she thought of herself now,
She understood she was –
An angel
With invisible wings and robe
A devil
With invisible horns and tail

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