Prompt 24 – Hope in a Hopeless Situation

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


In darkest hours when all seems lost and bleak,

When shadows cast their shroud on weary hearts,

Amid the chaos, hope begins to speak,

A flicker in the dark, where despair departs.

When tempests rage and tear the world apart,

And sorrow’s tears like raindrops ceaselessly fall,

In hope’s embrace, we find a brand new start,

A beacon in the night, to guide us all.

Though storms may rage and clouds may hide the way,

Hope whispers softly, “This too shall pass.”

With steadfast faith, we greet the break of day,

For hope endures, a flame that’s meant to last.

So in the depths of trials and endless strife,

Take solace in the power of hope, your guiding light.

Antoinette LeRoux © 2023

Prompt 23 – An Alien World

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


Beneath the cosmic tapestry, a sight to behold,

An alien world in mysteries untold.

Its skies ablaze with hues unseen on Earth,

A place of wonder, of unearthly birth.

A crimson sun, a perpetual twilight’s gleam,

Casts shadows strange, like scenes from a dream.

Beneath its light, a landscape so surreal,

With towering spires and a surreal appeal.

Crystal forests shimmer with a subtle glow,

Inhabitants unknown, where do they go?

With limbs like tendrils and eyes that shine,

In this alien world, a lifeform so divine.

Rivers of liquid glass wind through the land,

And mountains soar like castles made by hand.

The air, a mix of scents both strange and sweet,

In this otherworldly place where life and beauty meet.

But beware, for danger lurks beyond the sight,

In this alien world, where day turns into night.

A realm of wonder, where mysteries unfold,

An uncharted universe, a story yet untold.

So gaze upon this world, so strange and wild,

A canvas of the cosmos, an alien child.

In every crevice, a secret to unveil,

In this extraordinary world, where wonders never fail.

Antoinette LeRoux © 2023

Prompt 22 – Pizza

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


Pizza began in Italy

Then moved to the rest of the world

Today, we all know PIZZA

Antoinette LeRoux © 2023

Prompt 21 – Lion Hunting

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

(When I’m this tired, I usually only have strength for a Haiku, lol!)


Running to my home,

I saw a lion hunting,

Heart still pounding, running…

Antoinette LeRoux © 2023

Prompt 20 – Feeding my Dog – a Daily Ritual of Love

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


Each morning, as the sun stretches its golden fingers across the horizon, a ritual unfolds in my life, a dance of love and devotion. With a bowl in hand, I step into the quiet kitchen, where the soft light of dawn spills through the curtains.

The homemade feast, a medley of flavors and scents, is carefully portioned onto her plate. Her tail, a metronome of joy, wags with eager delight as she prances around, a ballet of excitement. Her eyes, deep pools of gratitude, meet mine, and in that moment, a bond unbreakable is reaffirmed.

With each bite, she tastes not just the food but the love that fills it. Her gentle slurps and satisfied sighs compose a melody that serenades my heart. In these quiet moments, as we share this morning ritual, I find solace and contentment.

Morning light dawns,

Tail wags, eyes speak gratitude,

Love’s daily ritual.

Antoinette LeRoux © 2023


Prompt 19 – Nature’s Enigma

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


Amidst a place where silence reigns,

A tale unfolds in whispered strains,

A realm of splendor, so they say,

But truth, perhaps, may slip away.

The sky above, a painted scheme,

A canvas vast, or so it seems,

Yet in its hues, a subtle jest,

A fiction woven in the west.

The trees, they stand in still repose,

In shades of green, their story goes,

But secrets hidden ‘neath their bark,

A myth, a riddle in the dark.

The river’s flow, a gentle stream,

Its waters gleam, or so they deem,

A liquid ribbon, winding by,

Yet truth’s reflection, one can’t deny.

Creatures here, they claim to dwell,

In this enchanting, mystic spell,

With fur and feather, scale and fin,

A tapestry where truths begin.

To capture this, in words, they try,

Yet falsehoods in their tales may lie,

For nature’s beauty, veiled and shrewd,

Holds truths and lies, both well-imbued.

So, with a hint of truth and lore,

The storytellers weave, and more,

A world obscured, in mystery,

Where lies entwine with truth’s decree.

Antoinette LeRoux © 2023

Prompt 18 – Unfolding Clandestine Drama

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


Within a small white chapel, bathed in the soft, diffused light of forgiveness, a clandestine drama unfolds. A cloaked person, draped in robes of sanctity, stands before his prey, a vulnerable soul seeking solace within these hallowed walls.

Your power of seduction, shadowed by utter deceit and vindictive ploy, weaves its enchanting web. Words, like incense, rise in intoxicating tendrils, wrapping around the unsuspecting heart, luring it into the dark corners of desire.

To shatter a deathly heart, your emotional reward. Playful with them, agony’s toy. You, the orchestrator of this cruel dance, manipulate the strings of longing and vulnerability, a maestro in this symphony of betrayal.

But why such vile conspiracy? To what ends do you embark?

What vile techniques you employ!

The echoes of your sinister motives reverberate through the chapel’s sacred silence, a question left unanswered, hidden beneath the mask of divine devotion.

In the shadowed corners of this sacred space, the boundaries between salvation and temptation blur. The cloaked person’s seduction, veiled in the garments of faith, is a dark narrative etched in the margins of sacred texts—a story of deceit and the corruptible human heart.

small white chapel—

a sanctuary of secrets,

deception’s echo

Antoinette LeRoux © 2023

Prompt 17 – Nature’s Kaleidoscope

Image Courtesy of Pixabay


In nature’s grand kaleidoscope, behold,

A scene of wonder, colors manifold,

A large pond nestled in the forest’s keep,

Under the sky, where dreams and memories sweep.

The azure canvas, wide and endless blue,

With wisps of white clouds, in the sky they strew,

A backdrop pure, where daydreams softly play,

Upon this canvas, life’s enchantments sway.

The forest stands in robes of myriad hues,

A tapestry of greens, golds, and vibrant blues,

With every tree a sentinel of grace,

A guardian of this tranquil, sacred space.

And at the heart, where water meets the land,

A spectacle of wonder, vast and grand,

A pond that shimmers with reflections clear,

A watery realm, where mysteries appear.

Here, hundreds of flamingoes, bold and bright,

In deep pink plumage, take their morning flight,

A sight to stir the heart and soul anew,

In this kaleidoscope, where dreams come true.

They grace the water’s surface with their dance,

In perfect harmony, a sweet romance,

Their gentle ripples paint the pond with grace,

A masterpiece of color in this sacred place.

The forest whispers secrets to the breeze,

The flamingoes wade with elegant ease,

A symphony of life in vibrant hues,

In nature’s kaleidoscope, we’re free to choose.

So, take a moment, let your spirit soar,

In this enchanting scene forevermore,

A masterpiece of colors, bright and bold,

In nature’s kaleidoscope, a story told.

Antoinette LeRoux © 2023

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