12. Gatherings post pandemic

Lockdowns and restrictions are rescinded,

gatherings are now permitted,

as the pandemic marches towards a decline,

with family and friends, we can now recline.


But wait!!!!

My mind is in anguished debate!

Am I ready for a forward surge?

From my cocoon to emerge?

To shed my safety covering ,

like a social butterfly, to be fluttering.


I will venture out, once again.

But before the worldly gatherings conspire to seduce,

at least let me enjoy, one more day to be a recluse!

11. The old tree

The old tree,

gnarled and rooted in history

weathered all kinds of storms and heat.

Still standing strong and proud, never in defeat.


So how many of us with this tree can resonate, being firmly grounded, dependable and resilient to emulate!

10. My visit to the Zoo

The other day I went to the zoo,

to my amazement, the gorilla tipped his

bowler hat and greeted me with a

” How do you do!”


It’s a topsy turvy world out there,

as I got invited to partake in a

honey n cinnamon toast by a bear.


A python slithered next to me

and grinning with its forked mouth

placed a gentle kiss on my knee.


To the parrot I said hello

and he sqauked back,

” Get lost, you F#$@** dirty fellow”


Now I scratch my head

and begin to wonder, if all this is true

or was I just dreaming

that I went to the zoo!

9. Chocolate Cake

The whirring of the mixer.

The splatter of the batter

and into the baking tin,

then put into the hot oven.


As it cooks, the chocolaty aroma

permeats the kitchen of my Momma!

Everything is tasty that she bakes

But the best is her signature chocolate cakes.


Always a pleasurable childhood memory,

is the divine chocolate cake

of my Mummy!




8. My love for you( in Gigan format)

My love for you is as strong as steel,

it would not erode, corrode or repeal.


You are more precious than any gemstone.

Your beauty,  a category of it’s own.

Your scent, fragrant like a perfumed cologne.


Oh, my dear sweetheart!

From you I cannot be apart!


Our love, in poetry will be sung,

it’s beat on the lips of old and young.


My love for you is as strong as steel,

it would not, bend break or kneel.


Oh, my dear sweetheart!

Loving you is like possessing a rare art.

Loving you makes my heart stop and start.


I love you, and you love me,

until eternity!


Many a persons had sat on that bench:

The hungry on it did eat.

The homeless on it had slept.

The lovers on the back a heart did draw.

The dog touched it with its paw.

The tired on it did rest.

Warriors from there plotted their quest.

The unemployed sat and scanned the newspaper for vacancy.

The police protected the bench from vagrancy.

The aged reminisce of their lives spent

The children on the bench , their friendships cement.


Each their own story so unique,

But the bench remains there shrouded in its own mystique

6. A letter from my English teacher

Dear Anwar, a letter in prose

to you I do compose.

By chance I stumbled across on Amazon,

an anthology of a Poetry Marathon.

In amazement,  I did discover ,

a poem, by yourself in between such cover.

I am pleased to see

that you have discovered a love for Poetry.

However some rules you have discarded,

which could make your poems retarded.

Have I not taught you to use a simile,

words that flow like the sea.

Scratching of the pen on a paper

is best described as an onomatopeia.

Should you need more lessons

Please do contact me

And I will help you improve

your Poetry.


5. The wife’s pain- A Limerick

There lived a couple close by,

whose story is a truth  and not a lie.

A wife an injury did sustain

as she complained of a posterior pain.

When elaborating to others,

a confusion arose,

because comparing her husband to an Ass

she always did dispose.

But(t) in reality,

The pain in the butt was not her husband,

But actually, due to posterior surgery.

4. 1922- A LOVE STORY

I await my beloved

on the banks of the river.

A picnic lunch spread out

on a snow white cloth.


The air is crisp and fresh.

The daffodils and azaleas dance

seductively in the slight breeze.

A bee flits in between the flowers.


My beloved arrives,

resplendent in her flapper dress,

accompanied by an enticing fragrance

and fluttering butterflies.

We talk and eat and laugh as  a steam boat floats by.


I propose and she accepts

on the bank of the river,

bonded by love,

amongst bees and butterflies.


3. The circle is broken

Just yesterday you were here

providing to us all your good cheer.

Now you are gone,

leaving us bereft, lost and forlorn.


Death has robbed us of your Company.

We are left with only your memory.

That we will never see you, or hear your voice again,

a realization so stark and filled with pain.


From us you have gone too far

We know that in the safety of God’s hands you are.

Sometime, in Paradise, may we all be re-united together,

With our loved ones, forever and ever.


( Dedicated to my 2 cousins who passed on and broke the circle)

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