Hour 5 Prompt – Technology Driven Life

It’s just another Monday morning

And I board a train to my office.

Hour 4 Prompt – Creator

I unlock my thoughts,
These black and white letters,
In this daily newspaper,
That travels more to my mind,
I experience a lurch in my stomach,
As I board the train to my office,
Every man around me,
Reminds me of some crime,
I rub my fist in hesitation,
Hiding myself behind my fear
I look up in the mirror,
I ask myself, ‘who created this fear’,
Laughing at my naivety the mirror answers,
‘You yourself created this fear’.

Hour 3 Prompt – Before Darkness

Holding the first light
In their petals
These summer flowers
Quite often talk to me
The sudden pull of emotions
Or hammock of thoughts within me
Silently the dewdrops unwrap
And I as drench in the fragrance
They hide behind the mist of night again

Hour 2 Prompt- I can never forget

Wrapped in the moonlight,
I tell him everytime,
Hold me tight, hold me tight,
Let me feel the balmy breeze,
And let it nestle in my soul,
Don’t let me go away,
Just hold me tight, hold me tight,
Across the valley,
Hand in hand, as we walked,
Over those birch trees,
Where we wrote our names,
Just hold me tight, hold me tight,
You still cross my thoughts,
Apart from me in heaven,
I look for you everywhere,
Yet I see you no where,
How shall I fight my pain,
When you are no more there –
To hold me tight!

Hour 1 Prompt – Childhood Diaries

Outside my ancestral home,
I revisit those memories of childhood,
Clink of my anklets in the yard,
Pumping out water from the well,
Our endless giggles as we play,
Chasing the colourful kites
across the fence,
What I see now is an illusion
Everything wrapped in spider’s hammock,
Behind the rusted lock,
Still fresh are my memories,
My doll dressed in years of dust,
And the grandfather’s rocking chair,
Sip of the petrichor in my tea
And this dew upon the garden trees,
Everything has changed in real
But it’s still the same in my illusion!

Introducing Myself!



I am Archana. I believe that poetry is the best friend as it helps a poet to express his thoughts and imagination in words.


I wish all the participants – Good Luck!