Poem #20: Games

Press X to jump
Press it again to jump higher
The square button brings up your inventory
The triangle changes weapons
The back two buttons will swap point of view
Press down to crouch
Circle is roll, you can avoid enemy attacks

Too bad there’s not a button
To help you not be a sack of shit.

Poem #17: Country

The bonfire roars into the night
Crackling twigs erupt in a furor
They dance, drink, and laugh around the perimeter
In light of summer’s sweet charity

The crickets play violin on their legs
The music of night, the lullaby of the earth
Into the hay field they wade
Hushed giggles and soft tremors

Two link pinkies
Their faces close
Brushing up eyelashes
Tickle her cheeks

Rising smell of wood and leather
She tugs at the hem of her jeans
Hikes them up over her boots
Hops the fence and follows through

Nighttime nickers and velvet noses
Fingers weave into course manes
Ears tilt backward
They ride into twilight

Poem #8: Immortal

A stake in my chest
When I thought I was made of steel,
I cling to the last thing that made me happy
So that I may fall with a smile on my face.
Even if I am bloody,
Sore, weak, with my wounds weeping,
My heart will stop beating,
But my soul will never stop breathing.

Poem #7: Cat

A cat will continue to chase a red dot,
Even though he can never catch it,
Even though it’s not tangible,
Just because it brings him joy.

Poem #6: Body

These eyes have hosted a million tragedies
This heart has fought a thousand battles
These hands have handled a dozen mishaps
These feet have walked a score of miles
These fingers have picked at hundreds of scars
This head conjures terrible things
These bones are broken in many places
This mouth spits up vats of poison
These legs dance to the wrong instruments

This body is flawed
This body is broken
This body is mine
This body is strong
This body is perfect.

Poem #5: Conqueror

I am the conqueror
I own every victory
I climb every mountain
I set my flag and shout into the distance

I am the queen
My muscles burn like fire
My physique sculpted out of ashes

I will never quit

I rush through space
I live between the stars
I dash at the speed of light to my destiny

I will scream from every corner
I will tear open every door
I will jump every hurdle in my path
I will beat every opponent

Let everyone know
Tell the sky
Whisper into the rain
Scream at the top of your lungs
You did not defeat me
You will not defeat me.
I have won.
I am the conqueror.

Poem #1: Shapeshifter

Sometimes I wish
I could melt like ice
And then freeze back together
To form a new shape.
Then when things got too hot
I could take a different shape
And start again.

Ready or not

Getting some sleep so I can be up bright and early with coffee in my belly before it begins! Let’s do this!