Maybe one day

I’ll be able to loosen the spider silk web of knots

I spun inside my ribcage

and let your fingers rifle through my bones

like a rummage sale.

Picking out dusty aches and tarnished memories,

deciding if they’re worth taking home.

Maybe one day

with a daughter of my own,

I can teach her not to weave

strands of self loathing into her skeleton.

You did everything right,

but I was always

sitting at a loom

with fingers at the ready.

It’s an Acrostic

Maybe it’s not fair

of me to want something

tiny and ours. Not when I’m

having a hard

enough time wanting to

reach my next birthday.

Recollections of Dawn

I remember a cassette of lullabies

Watercolor ponies

A pinkish warm light.

And your fingernails scratching my back

In lazy slow circles.

“Ten more minutes?”

I’d whisper faithfully,

And you’d always come back for me

In the warm haze of sleep.


One after another

the matches hissed into life

before dying in a thready smoke.

I did not take it personally

because I too

had finished burning too soon.


Spinning Yarn

Keep me warm with blankets of kisses.

Cashmere fingertips on bare skin

Tracing crochet loops down my spine

and tying knots in my soul.

A Very Scientific Query

In 2020, a study was published on African Grey Parrots.

German ornithologists Brucks and von Bayern

Put two parrots in a cage, split down the middle.

One parrot was given a stack of tokens, bartering chips if you will.

Every token would earn them a delicious nut.

After a while, though, the parrots noticed

Their neighbors didn’t have any nuts,

So they’d slip a token through the cage’s divider,

And the other bird would trade for a treat.

Seven out of eight parrots took care of the other,

No matter if their neighbor was a friend or stranger.

The scientists called it, “Behaving Pro-socially”.

My question is,

If birds can decide to choose kindness over selfishness,

Why do humans struggle with altruism?

O Brother, Wherefore Art Thou?

It’s easy to be ashamed of you.

God, I’ve never met anyone more stupid.

You weak, gullible, pathetic excuse for a man.

You wear manipulation like a badge of honor.

You walk boldly into traps.

You beat your chest and yodel a war cry,

Flying a banner you’re too blind to see.

One day you will be standing

In the wake of what you ruined

And when you blow the tinny bugle of retreat

The dust will roll back and you’ll finally see

What the carnage of foolishness wrought.

Selene Observes Her Lover

Shepherd prince,

Tangle your fingers in threads of dreams

of silver hair and pale glow.

Inhale radiant moonbeams

and swallow gulps of jasmine and quartz.

Midnight oxen will safeguard your sheep.

The crackle of flames will serenade sweet.

Float away now in the cradle of sleep.

She is near.

The World’s Worst Clairvoyant

When I was in kindergarten, I could’ve sworn

I dreamt about my third grade class.

In third grade, I was sure it was my fifth.

There were visions of a city bus,

A boy I’d never met.

I laughed about them to my mom

And then rode in a greyhound

through his college town.

But every time I’m dropped into

the dunk tank of deja vu

I tell myself it’s a trick of the mind,

A figment of imagination,

Neurons stitching stories into memories.

Lately I crave a drop of those dreams

on my desert-dry tongue–

A taste of wonder,

Of magic,

Of asking myself whether there’s

something more to this life

after all.

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