I’ve just broken out in hives

cat brought pollen from the grass

ain’t it great to be alive

when allergies can kick your a*#


took an antihistamine

usually they make me sleep

writing will take discipline

a poem per hour pace to keep


Deadpool’s standing on my desk

a plastic figure clothed in red

stoic, stiff, and statuesque

a shiny little bobble head


with ninja sword and sawn off gun

frozen pose prepared to spar

my anti-heroes all good fun

after credits “chicka chicka”

chastised on facebook

rosy cheeks and rosy face

my eagerness may be misplaced

but buttered crumpets hit the spot

and Vegemite is an acquired taste


the night so far was awful cheery

though hours alone will soon seem dreary

so I’ll keep writing haiku’s a lot

between reruns of Big Bang Theory


nothing good happens
after 2 am- late night write
saved by haiku

her majesty

Hey pretty kitty
White fur on black dress is bad
Where’s the lint brush gone?

fan girl

Adventure time love
Marceline the vampire queen
Rocks my undead heart

oh my eyes

Screen glare hurts my eyes
Design, page colour, light grey
Ah, that feels better