Thank you Poetry Marathon.

In addition to the bragging rights,

I can say I’ve learnt a lot.

This gift is priceless.

Goodbye, till next year.

The Dark Angel

Have you ever wondered how

You sleep, dream and think

All your dreams were reality?

I came to you in the body of a dog,

You chased me away.

I came to you in the body of a chicken;

You plucked my feathers, and

Made a stew out of me.

I’m the life force within beasts

And humans. You glory in my skin,

And rejoice in the profit you make.

I’m coming for you all.

Cave Wonder

I’ve gone away,

Far away from the troubles of

Social media, my beloved and

The suffering that is to come.

I’m helpless, but it’s imperative

I go away.


Where the centre of peace lie,

I dwell.

Devoid of the government’s compulsory


I’m alone here.

I’ll die in peace and embrace

The comfort that angels bring.



Your being, Your Everything

What I want is simple.

For you to love me

As I love you.

For your grace to embrace

My very being.

For your light to cut through

The hate of this world.

What I want is your everything.

To be able to consume all that you are made of.

Your light, your darkness.

Let me never recover from this drunkenness.

For you are my intoxication.

The Only Bright Thing are my Eyes

It’s dawn already.

But last night, my eyes were tortured

By the insane intensity of my phone’s backlight.

I wept.

I fell asleep, only to locate my phone

With no torch light close by.

It’s difficult seeing in the dark.

It’s even more difficult staring at

The phone screen.

I’m happy it’s dawn;

I can close my eyes soon.

The Great Sea Monster

I thought I’ve seen it all.

Blimey! God was a master creator.

Within the belly of the sea,

Lies a creature the inhabitants

Of the sea dare not speak of.

A creature made of the complex beast

Extinct by science.

The longest creature in the world.

Be careful, for you know not his plans.

Beware, lest you get trapped within,

Never to float again.

My Greatest Challenge Yet

I never thought I could do this.

But here I am, 18 out of 24.

Started off with nothing but a slice of cake

And a cup of coffee.

The prompts came in so fast,

And I thought it would be impossible to go half way.

The night was long,

Albeit, quiet.

Crashing between time zones,

Waking up to the sound of James Fortune’s

Never Again.

Thank God for the great battery life my phone

Was endowed with, &

The terrible eye sight that visit me

In the dark.

Here I am, heading to church to finish

What I started.

My Radio

Carved box

Undervalued box

Closely pushed off the walls of relevance,

Over to the side of extinction.

Man has find several sources of

News report, & the radio is at the bottom

Of the list. A very long list, candidly.

Soon, no more ‘radio reports’.

Should I say I’m sick of evolution?

Whatever happens, you’ll forever be in the history books.

Except someone decides to tear that page out.


I pick up this book

To tell you how awesome you are.

May the inks transform you into a better version of yourself.

You’re more beautiful than

What your reflection shows;

I believe you’re the star in an empty sky,

And the moon seated on water.

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