Lost in the mist

Burried within the fog

Drowning in a pool of our emotions

So you can’t find me

And I can’t even be mad at you because how can you find what you can’t see

Atleast that’s what you told  me


Love concurs all

That’s what you chant

So I can’t understand why love couldn’t help you find me

Is it limited?

Or is your love not the love you depicted to me

Or were your words just simply words that were meant for me to truly believe

Hello, I said I’m drowning

In a pool of OUR emotions

So why can’t you find me

When you’re the one  floating right beside me

Watching me as I scramble and panic


I said that I’m drowning

If your love is so great why is this even happening

And finally He flipped the switched and I got it

Love can not be defined by you only tainted

Love can only be defined by God and that can never be mistaken

Because real love

His love

Will forever be our Savior

And the fog cleared and a boat appeared

I learned what He intended me to learn from what I thought to be my final destination

And now it was time for me to go to where I was truly destined


And so it begins

So of course

The day that I actually need them they are no where to be found

The one day and I only asked for one day

That I really needed them to support me they aren’t there

I mean I know the only one I can truly trust to always be there is God

But they were mine

Mine to use at my disposal

Mine to manipulate

They were apart of me

A union created before I even knew they existed

My gift from God

That now seems to only show up when they feel like it

But I’m living on borrowed time

Every minute that I lose, I’m just that much closer to failure

And today that’s not an option

So please words

You’ve hidden within bottled up emotions for long enough

Avoided judgement from others for long enough

its time to take a leap of faith out of my mind and onto the screen that sits before me

And as my fingers take lead with feverish strokes on the keys

I know they are ready

And so it begins

It’s Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Briana and I’m a 26 year old from Miami,FL. I’m really excited about being able to participate in this marathon and honestly really nervous. Typically it’s hard for me to come up with poems, I basically just wait for them to come to me and just go with the flow. So this will be a definite challenge for me. Actually pushing myself to try and not be lazy.

I’ve been writing since I was seven and I also do spoken word. Even though I have THE WORSE nerves, like cotton mouth, can’t eat, can’t stop shaking, hold my pee until it’s all over nerves, I love it.  Once I get into my zone I become a different person and I can actually feel God. It’s an unexplainable feeling to say he least!

I currently have a full time job at a police department, a part-time job as a Pharmacy Tech, I’m a substitute, and I’m about to start my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. I love sitting on the beach at night, just not by myself because I’m afraid of what may come out of the water 0___0.  Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck! I look forwarded to possibly reading you poems/ future books!