End: Memories

I close my eyes

My heart sending out a silent prayer

Let these memories stay with me

At least these memories of today


I always tend to forget, I know

Important things, precious times

But just this once I want to

Never forget, always remember


How much fun it was

How bitterly I cried or freely I laughed

Remember how much I learned

And how much I hold these feelings precious to my heart


So even to forget and being forgotten

Is my fate inevitable

Let me just remember these times

With just these memories I will be fine


I close my eyes

My heart sending out a silent prayer

Won’t you give even this to me

O great fate?

Hour 24: Gift

My heart stopped the moment I saw you

And so did the old watch in my hand

Time literally came to a standstill for me

Everything else started to seem bland

I believe we were meant to meet

The fate in work indeed was swift

And now after a decade later 

You are still my greatest gift

Hour 23: Misfortune Strikes

A wasp bit me today

And it hurt like hell

Don’t count your chicken before they hatch

Things might not go as well


And so here I am

With swollen finger struggling to write

But won’t fret, won’t give up

Reach for the finish line with all my might

Hour 22: Feather and Clover

A white feather

and a four leaf Clover

make a good pair

While complementing

each other’s colours

They also represent

Good luck


and Inspiration

Waiting for a poet

to pick them up together

The best things come in pairs

Hour 21: Reason

A reason to exist

A dream to chase

Something to look forward to

On all those nights full of tears


Maybe a hand that reaches out

Or someone who would listen

Someone to call out my name

When I am lost


Bring me back, tell me it’s okay

I don’t need much

Just a reason to exist 

Something to persevere


Hazy moonlight shines on me

me who had long been accustomed

to darkness, to cold

It lights up my surroundings

and somehow my dead eyes as well

That’s what the reflection shows

the reflection in a blood red pond

under the hazy moonlight

I couldn’t recognise it at first

then it became clear

It was me no doubt but

What’s with this shadow looming

behind me, still in dark even under

the hazy moon-

Hour 20: Hope

In the deep darkness

A slight flame flickers

Refusing to give up

Despite the cold

And inadvertently guides

Many a lost souls

Longing for warmth

A bit of hope


A million sparkling lights

I am one of them

dancing to the tune

singing off the tune

and just existing

it’s okay, isn’t it

we don’t need a 

plan to live.

Hour 19: Star

In this endless universe

with infinite infinities

both big and small

I am but a speck of dust


But within me exists

my own universe

with its own stars and

There I am a part of the brightest constellation.


A tiny star within 

the massive ocean of 

Galaxies and Infinities

I still shine brightly in my own right.

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