One Last Time

I look out of my window
It’s near sunset
The sky coloured with
Different hues of blue and orange
With just a hint of black.

The day seems to be turning in
To go to sleep
In the comfort of night
But let me just stay for a while
As I write one last time.

One last time, let my emotions flow
Let my scars be revealed in light
Let my happiness reach you
Let me cry through verses
One last time.

Let my gratitude overflow
As my tears find solace in words
Let my feelings reach you
As I bare my soul
One last time….

Let me stay up for just a while
As I write one last time.


I miss those paper boats
We used to make on rainy days
And those magic shows
We used to watch in a daze.

I miss those story books
We used to read every day
And those art and craft lessons
Where we butchered the clay.

I miss all the times we
Hid from mom behind the rack
But most of all I miss you
Dear Brother! Please come back.


Clad in a black and
Beautiful dress, she waits
Her eyes on the door
Never wavering till it
Opens, revealing at last….

The pizza guy with her order of
A double cheese pizza
With extra topping
And Coco-cola.

No dessert though, she’s dieting.


Today’s weather news

The eastern sun is so hot it can melt the Mount Everest into a puddle,
And that too would evaporate.

While the Northern winds carry on their onslaught, with cold that can freeze over hell.

The rains in the west have turned into a tsunami, though we aren’t sure…. Our crew drowned as well.

The only normal region seems to be south since they have huge, humongous, giant gates.

That’s all for today!


When wood meets metal
It’s almost like a battle
Between nature and man
To be honest, I am not a fan
Oh well! Nothing can be done about that
Do you think I look fat?


Though I haven’t slept a wink
In the past 36 hours
I still want to stay up
And see the wonder that we are
Our creations, our battle scars

Though there is so much to say
So much to tell
So much to write
I find my words deserting me
In face of a long, long plight

Even if it’s almost over
The ending within reach
Now more than ever
There is still doubt in me
And so I must continue to write
The only way I can actually be free.


That’s all I hear
That’s all I see
I want to speak
But there aren’t any words left
Is this what they call
To be at peace?

Lost & Found

Things found in an old classroom

A fountain pen with ink spilled
A poetry book with broken spine
Half a paper full of squiggles
And a lost passion for all things fine.

A Traveller

I move through the wide plains
Around narrow hills even
Down a mountain and
Sometimes through a valley.
Skipping through forests or
Gliding along desert winds
They call me the wanderer
A traveller without an ally.

Adventure Time

Through the soft wind
She rode her bike
With the speed of light
Or what she would like to think
Sparkling eyes tell of hopeful thoughts
Maybe, maybe today she can finally find it
Reaching her destination
She alights the vehicle gracefully
Or what she would like to think
And with staggering feet
With extra hopping here and there
She reached where she wanted to be
Barging into the library she went to
A particular spot hidden behind contemporary
Searching for one particular prize
She almost squealed when she found it
There, she thought, now I have it
Gazing lovingly at The Tale Of Genji.

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