Hour 11: Sea

I have never been to sea

though I always wanted to see it

the vast ocean of clear blue

along the shimmering sand

and the breeze, offering a respite

under the Sun full of warmth

or so I have been told

I have never been to sea

only knew of it through words

and pictures and stories

of others

and I am lucky

finding something to look forward to

in a future where existence itself

is uncertain.

Hour 10: 52 Hertz

In the unending ocean

I send my song

my voice carrying

all my emotions

and pray that someone

would answer just once

at least this time

but no… my song

doesn’t reach them


No matter how loud I sing


Journeying alone

my heart withers

the dark ocean

is cold… and sad

So I sing still

knowing my voice won’t reach

I sing still because 

in the end here I am

Even if no one else is


I sing for myself

Hour 9: Firefly in a bottle

A firefly in a bottle

It tries it’s best

to fly and shine

in such a closed space

It makes me think…

Doesn’t it get tired

Seeing freedom through 

the fragile glass

but unable to reach it

It makes me think…

It would be strange if

the firefly isn’t sad or

angry or in despair

And maybe it just puts on a mask

Of hope and effort

A cheerful mask that hides

how tired it is

It makes me think…

Of the view before 

a cottage window

barely visible through the treeline

and an empty smile.

Hour 8: Alive

I am tired

of fighting my emotions

of discarding, suppressing

what makes a part of me

I am tired

of you telling me

my feelings are not right

Angry at you, at myself

for invalidating something

so true to me, to my story


But not anymore!

I am not the same as you

of incapable of speaking up

of voicing out what I feel

So listen now when I say

loud and clear

My emotions, my feelings

are not for you or anybody to judge

Good, bad, positive, negative

they are a part of me

Of my story

Of my heart

The proof that I am


Hour 7: Season of the Books

Oh how splendid would it be

Just imagine a season of books!

Yes, books…

Blooming like flowers on roadside

Or a meadow full of them

Falling from trees like autumn leaves

Or dew on a wintery morning.


Of all kinds too

And genres! Can’t forget those

Maybe they will come flying

Like butterflies or

Soar like birds

And we’ll have to run to catch them

Or they would drift away…

Quite a thought I say!

And we, yes the readers

will get some exercise too this way.

Hour 6: Rain

A soft wind carries

our laughs, our voices

to reach the distant-most memories


The water is cold

I don’t like it but

it’s still fun


To dance in the rain

with you.

My heart is full of warmth

Hour 5: Clouds

This night sky full of stars

Reminds me of when I was a kid

And looked up to a similar sky

Wondering if I could reach those stars

If I stretched my hand far enough


The dreams changed when 

One day I could only see

The dark clouds covering the sky

Which had always seemed so 

So invincible, so untouchable


Yearning for the light

I couldn’t understand why

Why didn’t the sky fight back

Was it’s light not enough

To even make a crack in the foreboding clouds?


Of course, things have changed

since then, I have changed

And now I realize that maybe

Maybe the clouds were just like me

Admiring something from far below

wondering if they could ever reach it…

Maybe if they stretched far enough?

To the me who still believed

To the me who still believed,

I know you are hurt

afraid to get up again

of falling down again

I know you are sad

suffering, in darkness

You who used to believe

in everything good…

I think it’s time for you to believe again.

To come out in light

to get up  and walk again

maybe run (but there’s no hurry)

I think it’s time for you to

Shine Again.

Hour 3: Seven Seconds

My life before my eyes

it just takes it 7 seconds to flash by

to completely tell the story

of I who existed at some point of time…


A second for the lost childhood

spent in a broken home

Another for the love that

was doomed from the start


One second was enough

to cover all that I loved

Books and poems and childish games

were still a majority


The fourth came and went

with memories of a distant dream

It was bound to be abandoned

Family responsibilities


One more second and I knew

It was full of the so called regrets

Then why was it the only happy one

I don’t think anyone can answer it


Then it passed and along came

another one, of time with you

For a second, it seemed even shorter

yet somehow longer than eternity


And now here it is the last one 

and it has only an incomplete picture

A poem that never saw the light

of the day… was this my life?