Remember to Stay Hydrated

As I embark on my third year of this journey, I’m determined to reignite my passion for writing and maintain a sense of eagerness and motivation for the next 24 hours. Life’s challenges have tested my enthusiasm, but I believe this marathon can help rekindle my hope and purpose. To all fellow participants, best of luck, and remember to stay hydrated!

My Second Full Marathon!

How exciting to be “running” another marathon for the second year in a row. It’s Friday night and I’m heading to bed to get some much needed sleep. I’m so nervous about tomorrow’s early start! Terrified that I won’t make the full 24 hours 😵‍💫🥱😴😴 But I’m persevering pen in hand, brand new notebook ready (I’m old fashioned) the rhyming machine and thesaurus tabs up on my Chrome and so much pent up emotions and feelings that will eventually find their way into a poem or two or ten or 24! Good luck everyone! Happy writing ✍️

Hello Fellow Poet Marathoners!

So motivating reading all your introductions. I’m excited to get started tomorrow so early in the morning! I’ve never done anything like this before. In fact, I’ve never attended any sort of marathon! Perhaps a series-watching marathon is as close as I got. Haha. I’m glad that I discovered poetry so long ago and I’m so glad that I discovered this poetry marathon to get me out of my funk and giving me an opportunity to create some poetry and to get a chapbook out there once and for all. What a great self-care go-to poetry is, to be honest. Good luck everyone!