Hour 3, Prompt 3 – The Road to You

There they are again, bearing flowers

setting up beneath my window

asking for me to play

when whimsy will not move me

busy climbing my own mountain

and looking for something farther away


Where there is love, there is a road


The moment is too alive

it’s hot breath on my neck

and the air is thinner up here and

I am too dizzy with possibilities

to methodically entrap myself

In foolishness 


Where there is love, there is a road


For now, catalog your regrets

find some salve for your soul

I will be working in the night 

when my voice is strong

when we can be daring together

maybe then, we can birth new fire


Where there is love, there is a road

Hour 2, Prompt 2 – Recipe for Liberation

Recipe for Liberation

  1. Oppression
  2. Knowledge
  3. Resilience
  4. Compassionate Action
  5. Justice

Be born 

Black and whole

see that you were never meant

to be a citizen*

Know that you are human

And whole and holy

Like every bright and shining thing on this planet

Living and inanimate

From this place of knowing

From this place of loving



*see Dred Scott case – According to the US Constitution under citizen provisions, citizenship does not apply to freed slaves

Hour 1, Prompt 1 – Oh, Lorde

I met you when I was just 18

You were an adult and cities 

shook when you spoke

And I could not see you 

In your perfect, round ‘fro

And your queer, astute blackness

I could not yet see myself


Reminding me that poetry is not a luxury

That my life is not a luxury

But something carved

Something owed 

to those who need me 

To speak their daring truth

Always already lying in wait


My little candle was too short to burn

You grabbed an awl and stabbed me

Pushed a new wick into my soft wax

Sang to me of burning 

You smelled of mangoes and sweet things

And smirked while you did it


You, dear Audre, ruined me

By showing me the truth of

Just how powerful and dangerous 

And afraid I should be of nothing

Second-time marathon runner!

Last year was my first Poetry Marathon! It was a beautiful, frenzied, and challenging pursuit. It regrounded me in the act of writing and I look forward to this. May it be my touchstone onto which I can put down the words and feelings swirling in my mind, my guts, and my heart. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Hour 16 – Starting Over

Starting Over


It could happen

that one day

you will be sitting

in the same place you’ve

sat for years

and realize

that the cushion on the chair

is misshapen

that you have buried yourself

in papers and prioritizing


You’ve grown so accustomed

to the tiny acts

of spontaneous combustion

and skittering roaches

that dance in front of you

that you snuff them out

with your bare hand

carrying on


Your dreams speak to you

only of deadlines

catastrophes and detailed correspondence

even this you may survive

ritually washing them away with

a deluge of coffee

first thing


Then it may come to pass

that you look into the harried face

of someone you love

and dropping your bucket

down deep within your heart

come up with dirt and dry shoots

and see that you

have become a drought


A Circle: The End is the Beginning (Acrostic)

A Circle: The End is the Beginning (Acrostic)


Callous casualties of opportunistic demagoguery give way to fervent ceasefires.

Imaginations illuminate the shift that is pending. The end points to a new beginning.

Reconciliation of the fallacy of opposites finally proves the hypothesis.

Circle reunited in balance restores the Empress and chalice.

Lessons learned will be held dear for eons without masters or peons.

Expansion in mass maturation elevates the whole of creation.

Hour 14 – “The land knows you, even when you are lost.”

“The land knows you, even when you are lost.”


She knows you

dear, heart

she’s felt your pulse

through the soles of your feet

from your first step

and caught you when you lost balance


Even when you forget

that there is love to be had

even when you forget

where your home is

even when you forget

who you really are

and what you’re here to do


When the whole of creation

has sent you spinning

and groundless

when you clawed at the floor

To remember


She’s got you

righting you

by the dense moss to the north

by the thick leaves to the south

showing that you are connected

to all things

by a cord that

cannot be cut


And in the end

like a tender mother

she will embrace your fragile bones

and sing you to sleep

Hour 13 – Stupa

At the base

sits a lion

on each side

in turn, they roar

to the monks and pilgrims

the keys for their journey:





step by step

on the earth

with heads held like

long-stemmed lotuses

colorful prayers on the wind

to become

in all parts

while climbing higher

to the Buddha’s holy mind

Hour 12 – A. Factual Background

A. Factual Background


Crystal T. Davis

a 24 year-old woman on a search


in subsequent events


Victim of factual justification stolen:

  • proceeds of the sale
  • deposited photos
  • a suspect officer



Her belief

Sought the master keys

To read



In a handwritten statement

[She was]

Given the key to open

The entire lock

And she was released