Rock, Paper, Scissors – HOUR TWELVE


Rock, Paper, Scissors

(Inspired by my painting, ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS)


They challenged us.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, a game of competition,

create a painting with this theme.


Being one who dislikes competition

and the oft arising conflict,

I determined a way

to unify these disparate parts.


Scissors formed trees.

Stones became rocks.

Paper created ground texture

and paint detailed and unified the whole


Are we capable of re-writing our conflicts in this way?


Can love and acceptance provide the paint

and our actions be the brushes

to unify us,

to bring all people together?

Reflection – HOUR ELEVEN


(Inspired by my painting, REFLECTION)


As my kitchen window reflects my neighbour’s home

so, I see myself in you.


What I like and love about you, I like and love about myself.

What I judge about you, I judge about myself.


If I’m angered by your words or actions,

I’m angered by my own

I see in you what I criticize in myself –

what makes me frustrated, frightened,

annoyed, sad.


You show me all of who I am;

my flaws and my beauty marks.


Recognizing our differences

and how we are the same

is how we learn acceptance,

how we come together.


To grow, to reconcile, to heal, to build community,

to become whole.

Liz’s Woodpeckered Tree – HOUR TEN


Liz’s Woodpeckered Tree

(Inspired by my painting, LIZ’S WOODPECKERED TREE
and from 2013 and a photo taken of same tree in Spring 2021)


Over 50 years ago you stood proud

arising from rocks, erect and full of life

yet time brought on the ravages of age


You evolved into a host for creepy, crawly things

a feast offered up for woodpeckers

who drilled your woody flesh and drained you of life


Today you rest upon the waters

waves lash you and strip away what bark remains,

yet you hang on, your roots held deep beneath the rocky shore.


This is tenacity, endurance, strength.

Against all odds, season after season, you remain

an icon to keeping on no matter the challenges we face.




Patience – Making Strides – HOUR NINE

Patience – Making Strides

(Inspired by my painting, PATIENCE-MAKING STRIDES)


Standing serene and patient,

mindful of all that surrounds you,

you teach us about waiting, about vigilance

about being watchful and alert


You know yourself, Great Blue,

self reliant, resilient, and stable.

You take only what you need and never more.

But that I would live like you


I am making strides to know myself

to understand as you do, what is best for me

to follow my heart and not my head

and to soar with you my spirit guide.

Undercover – HOUR EIGHT – Just a bit of fun!


(Inspired by my painting UNDERCOVER)


Psst, Mr Field Mouse, what’s your story

why are you there undercover?

Do you have plans for a quick grab and run

of seed from a storehouse, to feed your young?


Are you fearful of predators

lying await in the barn?

Those glassy-eyed felines

guarding what’s thine?


To fill your wee belly takes mere trifles.

Those cats should ignore you,

let you take what you need

and find something else on which to feed.


Hurry up, Micey, make a mad dash,

the fat, cat-guards are fast asleep

You’ll be safe in and out

like a stealthy, seasoned scout.


With your mouth full a plenty, now head for home,

your mission successful; you left unharmed.

The life that you live is filled so with stress

I’m thankful my life has so much less

Home at Sundown – HOUR SEVEN


Home at Sundown

(inspired by my painting, HOME AT SUNDOWN)


I travel along familiar country roads

gravel clattering against my car,

my compass set for home.


I slowly drive the laneway towards barns and house

the sky glowing with rich jewel tones

the sun descending behind the distant trees


I know what awaits my arrival

And as I turn into the driveway, I hear him

His loud, throaty greeting filled with excitement


I can barely make it through the door

It’s hard controlling a 130-pound Great Dane

who still thinks he’s a lap dog.

Gathering of Elders – HOUR SIX

Gathering of Elders

(inspired by my painting, GATHERING OF ELDERS)


I heard their whispers as I passed

in throaty, deep and resonant tones

They spoke of mankind’s lack of care

of genocide and lands stripped bare


So many species gone for good

Could we not see what harm we caused?

I sensed their sorrow, the searing pain

of generations lost in vain


They called on to me to share their plight

to be left alone to nature’s will

their hope we will leave them to thrive,

allowing all life on earth to revive.


I made a vow to them that day

with hand upon the tallest tree

I’d do my part and change my ways

to re-establish nature’s reign.

Soaring – HOUR FIVE



(Inspired by my painting, SOARING)


Above the azure waters

along the granite shores

you soar with screeching, gurgling calls

your feathers glistening white


We watch your graceful swoops and dives

With envy in our hearts

to join you in your air ballet

to float above the earth


It is man’s dream to be like you

to rise above his plights

to lift on thermals in the sky

away from all his strife


Though humankind has found the means

we must depend on mechanical wings

encased in boxes or lifted by kites

not content with earthbound feet

Spirit of the Winter Barn – HOUR FOUR

Spirit of the Winter Barn

(inspired by my painting, SPIRIT OF THE WINTER BARN)


What haunts your vacant rafters

these cold mid-winter nights

where swallows nested in the heat

and cattle lowed in stalls beneath?


I feel a presence living there –

a spirit watching over you

a gentle, specter with no spite

who longs only to hold you tight.


So have no fear dear winter barn

I sense you’re safe ‘til spring returns

Enjoy this quiet, peaceful pace

‘Til life fills up your empty space.

On the Move – HOUR THREE

On The Move

(inspired by my painting ON THE MOVE)


Do you ever rest, my beaver friend?

All night you swim about

gathering here and there

more building materials

more décor for your abode

it’s seems an endless job


You ply your trade from dusk to dawn

working your architectural magic

as lumberjack and carpenter –

cutting, chewing, dragging, pulling

swimming, climbing, weaving, straightening

mudding your palatial lodge


Together, you and your special someone

build your watery home,

teach your young

independent, industrious ways

to keep a dwelling

strong, safe and secure.


Then when your days are done,

you can rest at last

to slumber and dream

of swimming, just swimming

on the move

into the dawn

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