Prompt 30 Hour 24

Let’s Go Crazy

when all hell

is unleashed

and we have been broken

beyond measure

and the powers that be

blame it on the weather

what can we do?

how can we stop it?

when idiots rule

giving pain for pleasure

our hands may be tied

well beyond our backs

but our voices can scream

right the FUCK back!

Prompt 29 Hour 23

I walked through shoes

bearing holes

changing soles

I walked through jeans

acid washed and skinny

I walked through doors

old and new

I walked upon this earth

a girl laced in poison

breaking through

every misconception.


C. Churchill


Prompt 27 Hour 22

An oasis is located

at the center of my heart

Past tall buildings and busy streets

there is a calm

a place to reflect

flip pennies for wishes

And still

the world screaming from the outside


C. Churchill

Prompt 26 Hour 21

She was all fight

and no promise,

as wild as they come.

A kitten to milk

she would never be

But a lioness

to prey



C. Churchill

Prompt 25 Hour 20

Indeed, I read the poetry

The lengthy carcass of sprawling words

My eyes adjust to only reread the same lines over and again.

This assignment, this wayward task

Has me running in circles

searching for a short glass

on the rocks, these eyes already read

end the drama, end the scene

For Mr. Eliot I cannot

fathom your scheme

Your lines cross my eyes

and all I can gather

is time

is left

on window pane

in an empty bottle.


C. Churchill

Prompt 24 Hour 19

I was

not born

to kneel to

the chaos

within me

I was born to,

rule it.

Poem from The Wild Keeps Her Holy by Tiffany Aurora.


For all I

have seen

have been

and will be,

Their crown

cannot shatter me.


C. Churchill


Prompt 22 Hour 18

Dearest Sleep,

How I have missed you so. I hear your beckon in the wee hours. A familiar tone of rest and hope.

It won’t be long till we meet again. For I cannot survive this life without you.


Always missing you,




Prompt 20 Hour 16

Love landed

squarely so

In my lap

my heart did grow

as tall as sunflower

as wide as the sea

There was no containing

You plus me.


C. Churchill



Prompt 18 and 19 Hour 15

What if the end

is just a new beginning?

When the wild takes hold

and humanity no longer applies.

What if the beginning was really the end?

When humanity took over

and the wild no longer applies.


C. Churchill

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