Not Today

Someday the day will come when I can see your name and smile;

I’ll be able to think of the good times we shared;

And how much joy you brought to my life;

Someday I’ll be able to remember your beautiful eyes;

How they sparkled equally in the Bay Area moonlight and in the sun of a beach afternoon;

Without my own filling with tears;

Someday I’ll be able to close my eyes and not see your face;


That day

Is not





I Cast My Line

Once again, I cast my line;

My eyes garlanded with the brightest lures M.A.C can offer;

My nails glittering in the ocean of the club;

I cast my line into the sea of dancing bodies;

But it’s a game of balance;

Look too eager and the catch will flee;

Look too blase and the catch will miss the bait;

I can wait;

Because when the right catch comes by;

I want her hooked;

So once again;

I cast my line.


Clown Car

It seems impossible they’ll all fit

How can there be room for the egos, let alone the baggage, of Carson to Santorum?


Yet they keep coming

Apparently, to win the most serious office in the land, one must campaign as the biggest fool;

But if any of them win

The joke

is on us.


Three Hundred Feet Down

The Golden Gate guards the Bay;

And when her currents and tides are mocked;

When her fog is not properly feared

She slams the door shut on ships that dare to cross

Which is why after the City of Rio de Janerio dared to  molest Fort Point

It now lies

Three hundred feet down at the bottom of the Bay.





Looking forward to the Marathon!

Hi everyone! I’m Christina, a criminal defense lawyer and organized crime historian in San Francisco who can’t wait to exercise some different writing muscles in this challenge.  Very glad to be here and looking forward to reading everyone’s work!