Unclench fists

Fill them with seeds and soil

Unsquint eyes

Fill them with beauty and truth

Soften heart

Fill it with forgiveness and joy

Unlock throat

Fill it with song and honesty

Untense toes

Fill them with dance and delight

Set free mind

Fill it with curiosity and wonder

Open self

Be full of all life’s potential




Gift is written in my DNA

My mother’s form

My father’s eyes

Ancestry and artistry

Waiting to arise


Fortune multiplied

With the twin soul

My parents brought home

In the loves

That shared their journey

In the friends

That left and those that stayed


In each day

I am given

To be

More fully




The hours passed

The days disappear

The world holds its breath

Until it no longer can’t breath

Then cleansed with fire and rage

The structures that uphold our deep shames

Are razed







When we walk

The arch of my hips

Collides with yours

The length of my legs

Shorten your stride

Yet you always delight in the collision

You slow to match your step to mine


Whether my mind is streaking

Across the sky

or at sunny ease

You keep me company


When I move from interest to interest

A bumblebee curiosity drunk on pollen

You hold each one with care

Marvel as though it was rare


When we find the home we built

Can’t hold our combined becoming

You cheerfully build


A place big enough for me and you


When the pieces are scattered

The puzzle obscured

You bring play and patience

To form a picture

That makes sure no piece is missing


To journey with you

Is to wander


That we are always growing

That the first words on your lips

When we find something new

Will be

“This too”

“I love this too”





My mother is earth

Her mother before her stone

I, I am clay

The inheritance of determination

And lifetimes of unshed tears

Each generation softened

To mutable ground

That grows wild with flowers

Demands no sacrifice

but the pangs of becoming

I will take many forms

A filter without shape

A vessel to contain

A wall vitrified by fire

A fractured storm of shards

A gathering softness in river bends

I honor the Terra that bore me

By evolving







Once the ribbon of breath

Wound through the lung’s branches

Trailed along throat’s passages

Found its way

From the mouth’s arching cathedral

Into the world

As little girl’s

Homespun melody

Then the ribbon tangled

On other’s criticism

Snarled in shame

Faded in a heap

At the bottom

Of the chest’s deep

Until thread by thread

It reweaves

Gather’s in wind’s pipes

Breeches the mouths’ dam

Pouring forth once more

A song released




The Scales will tip

As life’s complexities

Weigh your hinging arms

The Earth will tilt

As it carves it’s celestial curve

Grounding your clay feet

The current will shift

As time winds its path

Cleansing your tidal heart

The wheel will turn

As life carries on

Propelling your electric mind

Be the fulcrum dear

On which the balance of imbalance

Forever Turns




There is a price for all shine

The Sun collapses in on itself

Consumes and fuses

That light might cast

On the hard edges of diamonds

compressed in the earth’s breast

Taken from the ground

By hands shiny with scars

Earned in the life’s labors

That too carry babies

Into the world shining with

The mother’s triumph

That they  might

Peer into the age worn

Light of Grandparent’s eyes

No shine is earned without effort

The world tumbles us all smooth

Compression and fusion

That we might be

The Sun’s reflection




You can not help but be matter

Should you grow still

Turn bones to stone

Take no step further

The world would still find roost

In you chest and grow lush on your shoulder

Should you grow silent

Turn voice to quite

Vibrate no molecule

The hallow where your song belongs

Would still echo

A lament for lost lyrics

Should you hide from sight

turn only to outline

Cover over body and being

You will still cast a shadow

Where seeds would shelter

and ferns will thrive

You can not help but matter

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