A human inheritance
A treasure passed
Direct from gnarled hands

You need not earn approval
Brace always for assault

Your source is fathoms deep
In aquifers of inspiration
Gathered and waiting

For your coming

For your courage
To name your longing

For your resolve
To pick up a pen
To release your stifled song

You are rooted in lush soil
Meant to grow exquisite dreams

Draw from the earth
Grow towards your star

Knowing always
Favor is already granted
Supported and fortified
By the love and legacy
of all
That came before you


You have permission to exist
In muchness
In complexity

You are invited to wholeness
In contradiction
In metamorphosis

You are cherished utterly
In mayhem
In convergence

You are allowed
To feel all you feel

You are allowed
To be all you
You are capable of being


Welcome to these bones
The frame of your home
Notice the curve of the walls
The cathedral of your chest
The acoustics a perfect match
To your heart beat

HEAR your lungs
Ceaselessly stoking
The kilns of your cells
FEELĀ  your softness
Secure and wrap you safely
TASTE your tears and sweat
That set free any bitterness
SMELL your scent
The chemistry only you carry
SEE your unique design
A blend only you can be

Please stay here
Tend and embody
This ecology



Your have one charge in this life, GROW

Grow like fire
Sometimes tame and sustained
Other times voraciously clearing the land
Always emanating light and seeking fuel

Grow like water
Sometimes permeating and nourishing
Other times flooding and terrain reshaping
Always gathering to yourself molecule by molecule

Grow like air
Sometimes playful and inquiring
Other times twisting and carrying away
Always transforming and ineffable

Grow like earth
Sometimes steady and compressing
Others shaking and remaking
Always a story layered on stories


A history heavy burden
For the act of breathing

Religion drew lines in the invisible
Filled with prescriptions
Too harsh to swallow

Faith made it good and evils spoils
Each life choice the movement
Of a chess piece

I set down the weight
Of centuries dyed red
with conflict of definition

Find my relief
In giving it no name

Only description

The movement of being


The waveform
That moves through
All the elements
That sculpt me

The slipstream of animation



Set free the feral cry
The one building in your vocal cords
Thrumming like too tight cello strings

Liberate the hunger
That gnashes in your teeth
Aching like a healing fracture

Emancipate the desire
That pounds at your sternum
Raging like an ocean contained

Release the crumbling decorum
That slips grain by grain from your fist
Slinking away like a chary shadow

Unrestrain your sensuous figure
That strains at is bindings
Oscillating like captured wind

Rescue your verdant potential
That twines restlessly
Stretching like sun starved vines


Trust is reckless
The seed’s risk in breeching
Sanctuary walls
The wren building
In branch’s undulating safety
The colt greeting gravity
Moments after arrival

Trust is tenuous
Rent by silent absence
Wrecked by unspoken fractures
Lost in cruelty’s mirth

Trust is made
Of stiched rifts between lovers
Open arms of mothers
Of forgiveness asked
Absolution granted


Unclench fists
Unhitch shoulders

Thread breath
From crown to sole

Blur focus
Shape dissolves to color

Heart chamber door open

Jaw unhinged
Sigh exalts
From rib’s rafters

Muscles unknit
Joints unlock
Swaying hips
Wax and wane

Into time’s rhythm


The line
Between excess and abundance
A belief thin divide

Made of
Woven choices
Inherited treasures
Evolving appraisal

How to sort

Your laughter tipped out
Leaving rooms awash

Your tinder heart’s
Flammable radiance

Your holy longing
Arching over sensible thresholds

Your unbridled voice
Setting forbidden words free

Glory or disdain

Yours to award
With your
Beholding eye


Tarry here
My dear
In this story drenched night
Delay your hurried pace
That moves you past
Mystery’s exuberance
The breeze call to curiosity
Dwell on thoughts sweet and unsolvable
Stray from the plot’s steady line
Choose again to inhabit
Your fine and fleeting senses
Your body’s lacing melody
Let the pleasure of incarnation
Live in your savored seconds
For where you lay your attention
You write your life