Prompt 24

Black shadows danced

Across a blanket of mauve sky

And the day ended quietly

With the blink of an eye.

Prompt 23

You’ve got me wrapped

Around those tiny little hands

And while I am not there now,

I just hope you can understand

Sometimes isolation is the cost

Of being a better woman.

I love you and

I miss you more than I planned.

Prompt 22

I envy the black silk
That caresses your body
Touching you in ways
No man could compare.

Prompt 20

Would you abandon the inner city lights
And experience with me the beauty of this night?
Could you leave the safety of these streets
And experience this world with me?

Prompt 19

You said you needed space

So I gathered up all the stars

And put them in their place.

Prompt 18

My dear,

You are a spitting image of me

From the way you wear your hair

To the way you drink your tea.

Prompt 15

“What is this?”

She grabbed at his hand

Splaying his fingers apart.

She traced the fine red line

Encircling his pinky

Before removing her glove

To reveal an identical

String of fate.

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