There’s nothing more to be said,

humans sank in the seas of oblivion!

But maybe there is still hope

and empathy will prevail!


Maybe not everything is lost

And we are not doomed yet…

Maybe we will all meet in the heart

of the rainbow after this big storm…


You know nothing,

but winter is coming anyway!

Embrace your nightmares while

looking for summer’s warmth…

Hour 21

Que sera sera…

You know that old song?

The message is not that old actually!


Don’t tell me what to do,

I can’t bear it and

You know it well!

Just fill my void!

If you can…


Is she whimsical like the weather?

Does she hug and kiss as I did?

Is your new lover better in any way?

It’s over! But can I have a last kiss

from your sweet and sour lips? 💋


Do you hear the roar of pain?

If you do, will you give a hand or

will you let others to do so? Why do you

postpone? What are you waiting for?


Big clocks wrapped in cloaks…

What are they hiding? Are they

hiding time itself or the fact

that we may have no future?

Hour 16

Why do men want flawless women?

Are they flawless? No way! Then?

It is a mystery to be solved, now I have

to make therapy through writing poetry!


Do you want to fight evil together?

Do you want to be my wings?

Do you want to be my super hero?

Then, take my hand and make me smile!

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