Epilogue: A Second Look (8:00 AM)

(my keyboard stopped working, and I was not going to be outdone!)


Epilogue: A Second Look (Ecclesiastes 12:9-14)
~ by D², @d2poetry

creates space
to touch truth

holds space
to mature

clears up space
opening up measures of time

with purpose divine
the ego of mind

in all things
hold up God in
reverential fear

for no action
or recreation
is secret

to God all
will be revealed

~ by D², 8.06.17, 8:56 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

Close to the End (7:00 AM)

Close to the End
~ by D², @d2poetry

I’m close to the end
and shouting

fighting all kinds of

but I enjoy it

this has

shown me my potential

for that I am

~ by D², 8.06.17, 7:55 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

As Qoheleth Admires The Truth (6:00 AM)

As Qoheleth Admires The Truth (Ecclesiastes 12:9-14)
~ by D², @d2poetry

captured in the
bathed in righteousness

God is Righteousness

human reach
captures a mere
portion of love

God is Love

expanding to touch us all

God is Counselor, God is Comforter

leaving etchings in our hearts
as pure foundation

God is Source

while shifting nonsense
makes room for knowledge

God is Truth

the awe of the beauty
of a God we can’t see

God is Omnipresent

complex layers
never fully reveal

God is Omniscient

How amazing is The Divine

God is Omnipotent

birthed from no one

God Is

~ by D², 8.06.17, 6:20 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

At All Times (5:00 AM)

At All Times (Ecclesiastes 12-1-8)
~ by D², @d2poetry

be vigilant in your

be mindful of the

be aware
that all you do
will be judged

encourage seedlings
to grow

for new buds
need fresh water

~ by D², 8.06.17, 5:49 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

Betrothed (4:00 AM)

Betrothed (Ecclesiastes 11:7-10)
~ by D², @d2poetry

each second

in minutes

into hours

daily commitments

in activities of youth

the pledge of age

a dwindling calendar

no one

but God


~ by D², 8.06.17, 4:50 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

You Were Called for This (3:00 AM)

You Were Called for This (Ecclesiastes 11:1-6)
~ by D², @d2poetry

laser pointed firmly on my


a goal with solid steps


moments prudently organized and


to move as required to get the job


are the days of aimless


has a solid purpose, a life beckoning others to


is our reward for a belief in God who knows


happens solely in Jehovah’s time and reasoning.

Ashé and Amen.

~ by D², 8.06.17, 3:16 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved


Gradients (2:00 AM)

Gradients (Ecclesiastes 10:1-20)
~ by D², @d2poetry

humanity is
wrapped in
countless spectrums

percentage points
divine perfection
the closer perfect fool

for that which is not
in complete collusion
offers up play for consideration

wisdom proceeds down
each graph
while opposing apathy
tempering tongues
weakening entitlements

~ by D², 8.06.17, 2:28 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

Fly Strip (1:00 AM)

Fly Strip (Ecclesiastes 9:13-18)
~ by D², @d2poetry

Wisdom is the
equivalent of freshly spun honey

can accomplish more
than might or money

~ by D², 8.06.17, 1:16 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved


With Much Gusto (12:00 AM)

With Much Gusto (Ecclesiastes 9:1-12)
~ by D², @d2poetry

It’s morning
time to wake up because it’s

what will I
accomplish today
plans for a COOL project
coming my way

wait, what will I wear
love the clothes my closet bears
so many LOVELY colors

fresh water ready for me to hop
right in
my tub temperature is GLORIOUS

my two strand twist out
is fabulous
my platinum greys are simply

the aromatic scent of my oils
have me feeling powerful
and pure

check out my coordinating shoes
with the fresh peeking out
HOT red pedicure

excited about the 2 bottles of water
grabbed, walking out the door
I know that I will be
parched NO MORE

WOW! The music
as I hit the traffic
is so smooth
this congestion allows a replay
of my jam
a time or two

I grab my tools
poised to walk PROUDLY in the place
greeting my co-workers
with a smiling face
sharing my joy
in my imitable way

I SASHAY and parlay
my way to my cherished
office space
bracing for the productivity
about to take place

LOVING my work is not wrong
but it is time to play

will it be friends
or solitude to round out my day
both are equally rewarding
as the time floats away

then I longingly SWOON
looking googly-eyed
at my pillow
sinking in as my head
is perfectly cradled

luxuriating as I EASE
my eyes closed
until my alarm roars in a few hours
and I once again


~ by D², 8.06.17, 12:41 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved


No Way Out (11:00 PM)

No Way Out (Ecclesiastes 8:10-17)
~ by D², @d2poetry

stressing over
what bill to pay next

just got word
paycheck is less

economic tunnel vision
ushers in a global subclass

cast eyes down from luxury
settle for the beauty in trash

cancel the gaze upon product placement
in movie and TV

refuse the programmed
futile fantasy

cherish simple pleasures
though society flaunts
complex needs

two steps towards advancement
viewed by the opulent
appears as groveling on your knees

must follow the law to the letter
where Affluenza gets a hand slap
and a lecture to do better

where bankruptcy from
a billionaire is shrewd
if a pauper
means you’re screwed

simple is the uncluttered joy
found in this humble place

the wealthy can afford a shovel
to uncover it from the layer of baubles

just in case
they’d still worship their valuables

~ by D², 8.05.17, 11:44 PM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

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