8:00 am – Angry and Tired (Hour 24)

I’m no longer

patient with Your

white fragility

I’m no longer


of your need to be treated right

I’m no longer okay with

making you comfortable

I’m no longer satisfied being

complacent and nice

because the privilege of your




my complacency

my niceness

is cause us our lives

just so you can feel good

5:00 am – Sleep – (Hour 21)

Head sinking in the pillow

light jazz in the background

room temperature about 68 degrees

mattress with foam layers

clean sateen high thread count sheets

a body to warm my feet

hours before I need to wake

vibrant, pleasant, and energetic dreams

a tall glass of sweet tea

what I crave right now is the ability to fall deeply asleep

4:00 am – Flicker (Hour 20)

Waving to oxygen

dancing seductively

attached to a disintegrating wick

pooling wax breaking in drips

down the side

vaporized molecules of embedded


waft up in a warm comfort


3:00 am – Make it Work (Hour 19)

Late at night

I scramble to

collect particles

of long promised projects

craft them in a final form

to present as a masterpiece

Disguising procrastination or

Rather unmanaged overwhelm

2:00 am – Black Friday (Hour 18)

After the food is in the fridge

And the football games played

We lay early to bed to engage in the shopping games

With list in our hands

We drive to the store

Waiting in the lines for the opening of the doors

The magic hour arrived, we rush through the crowd

All of us headed to where our target was found

Then, at the designated time, daddy would lay in wait

Cart in hand, in the checkout line he stands

Receiving the goodies in our hands

Once done with the adventure

We happily drive home

Ready for breakfast after a job well done

1:00 AM – LPs – (Hour 17)

rotating rasping static

coasting on melodic grooves

taped coins on the head for balance

to move steady past subtle scratches

black vinyl formed to share

Saturday morning clean up tunes




11:00 pm – Trust (Hour 15)

tender spots open

yet safe

Deciphering motives


your authenticity

seen & appreciated


not tolerated

mistakes, lovingly corrected

your flaws, affectionately respected

invitation into your world

wholeheartedly accepted



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