The Way to You

I take a sinuous path
to your heart, long
and brambled, dizzying
not knowing where you are
only that you are.

I kissed you last night
in a dream, barely recalled
but for your warmth.
I wake every day into
another dream where we
don’t know each other.

I rise before the sun
with a memory of you
whom I have yet to meet.
But still I know how it feels
to kiss you.

I follow your lips
your warmth, seek the
veneration of our hearts
chance of everything.


sleeping weightless our
backs to the light
eternal aphelion
vision in darkness
we are blind

floating together alone
powerless without ballast
despairing in silence
until a quiet stirring

here, take my hand

The Night Before

It’s a half marathon of hours left before the half marathon of poetry and I hope I can sleep for at least half of them. I have snacks and a nice stash of tea but will I have words? Will any of them work together? Drafting and crafting through the day into the youth of night… I scare myself, but I love words more. See you tomorrow!

Newbie Me

This is my first Poetry Marathon and I’ll be doing the Half Marathon for starters. I’m in Clearwater Florida and just doing a test post at 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning (what?!) to practice. I’ve been prepping by cancelling all appointment from now until after the challenge, cleaning and decluttering my work spaces, and stocking up on essentials like English Breakfast tea. I’ll be playing here off an on to make some new friends and to get the feel for posting. I’m thrilled to be a part of this!