Studio Yo

We at the Studio Yo

Cleaning up from the show Yo

Film was rolling

We were rolling

Calls were showing

That we were blowing up

In traffic jams

A star lit scams

The highway to a better life

The sun is burn

My skin is Hurt

The time for California is now…


If I transfer footage I’d be your slave

If I didn’t transfer footage I’d be and asshole

What if I erase

What if I replace


End of day

It’s the end of the day

I’ve had a lot to say

The movie was fun

I sat on my bun

Lunch was on fire

I sat down beside her

And the actress kept moving away

At the end of the scene

We walked away mean

And the passion was only beginning


She was blond

Held a camera

Was beautiful

Her face like a movie star

Or a model from the 70’s

She was interesting

She was smart

She was new to me

She was new to you


Karma & Eve

Karma and Eve pretty as they can be

The two like sister





Karma & Eve

On Set

They yell action

A director of no satisfaction

An actor barks

That time will take our souls

It is in this moment

We still own it

What kind of man am I

The starlet squeals

The fire of wheels

As the film strip reels

And magic happens again




I cut myself, causeĀ I’m afraid of a needle I luv myself, cause I’m afraid to lose me I feel u, cause I’m afraid not to see u I know her cause she comes to see me I never answer but hear the bell ring Demons bark at the door But light breaks thru the floor It covers me in angels heart’s and kiss me To they I adore Myself Me You


Dense warm with moisture

Skin wet from dew

The coconut tree swaying

The music in my head playing

A storm

A distance

The rumble of the ground

The banging of the waves

The cool breeze on my back

Whisper in my head

The spell of Winters over and the sounds of all the dead

Sand less Shores

A sand less shore

Diesel vapour blowing from the stack

Entering my nostrils and making me sick

So far away

So far away

My love

My hope

So far away

A crescent night sky

Shadows cast from moonlight

I see into the darkness

But nothing

All I see is you, the translucent outline

Of you in the night

My watch stops

Time is still

The rolling of the sea

My friend

The wet open air

My comfort

The salty taste on my skin is your skin

Your touch

Your heart

My home



A distance I will keep

Protecting land in my sleep

Like a war does people

Like a war kills people

Like a smile breaks a frown

The laughing of a clown

A side that’s broken down

He haunts me with his eyes of fire

The bruiting sounds as the flame gets higher

The open roadĀ 

Or a sky to fold

A space for rent

If HELL finds me bent

A bullet and a cry

On the corner where I died

The Raven warm and dry


This is time to say goodbye

For I have sworn I cannot die

For this just my time to fly