A nose is a very important thing.
It helps you find the fragrance of life well lived.
Some noses are big and other noses are small.
some noses have trouble smelling anything at all.

Some noses get in the business of others because they have none of their own.
some noses can smell trouble a mile away; some noses can smell trouble, but have very little to say.
A helpful nose knows when something is wrong and can smell a crime before things can get out of hand, but it’s funny how these noses never want pay Or recognition if they are being of service to their fellow man.

A nosy neighbor can be a pest, but they can come in handy if they are not afraid to speak when the time is right and make it their business when they are needed in the fight.
Everybody’s got a Nose whether it works as designed by our maker above.
It is very much needed even if it takes up too much space.
It’s a marvelous thing to have in the center of your face.
It’s your nose and it can never be replaced.

Children Are A Gift

Every time I think about the awesome responsibility that parents have to pour into the lives of their children, I think about the legacy of life and The gift they will leave to all Mankind.There is no handbook that comes with the lives you create, but it is through sheer strength of will and determination that will ultimately result in a human being who is an extension of who you are and for all to see.
It doesn’t mean your way is the best way or the only way, but the final result can’t be denied. Sometimes you may try to do it all right, but that doesn’t guarantee perfection; it just means you tried.

I Cannot Believe

I can not believe I made it to the end.
It was an interesting journey that took much prayer and meditation.
The words may flow and the ideas may gather in one place.
Even so, it’s a miracle I made it to the finish line by nothing but grace.

Many started out with me and I hope we all passed the test.
Perseverance and creativity has to be in the mix or it’s just a mess.
The biggest reward in life is knowing you can stand through the storm and the rain.
When you stick your chest out, you don’t have to feel ashamed.

I Never Thought

I never thought I would be here today.
struggling to make my way when I can hear my destiny call.
Somehow it knows my name and where all my dreams can be found, mangled together like a whirlwind of sound.

It is a place of knowledge and peace, but the lion’s mouth is open wide
ready to swallow me whole as I grab for my life.
It’s only as true as I want it to be.
Finding the true path to real joy and peace.

Do You Know What Love Is?

I love everything about you, but I can’t stand your attitude.
I know we can make it forever and a day, but does it have to be today?
I know we said until death do us part, but is that your death or mine?
Love is patient and love is kind although sometimes we may forget what that really means.
It may not be as perfect as perfect can be, but love won’t fail if you trust and believe.

Real love will always find a way to make things work even when your partner is being a jerk.
Love doesn’t always fit into a nice comfortable mold, but it’s ready to step in when you don’t know.

Just when you feel like all hope is gone a little drop of love will keep you holding on.
You have to count up the cost each and every day Because real love will always find a way.

Friendly Persuasion

When you look at me that way it makes my heart lose all control.
My resolve is never as strong as when you are near.
I would never allow anyone to do the things you do.It must be that friendly persuasion that convinces me to trust in you.

I have a mind to do what’s right and a strong resolve to find my own way.
Leave the crowd behind as long as I am pressing toward the mark, but your friendly persuasion always gets in my way.

Flowers For My Birthday

A bouquet of flowers is all I need for my birthday to be complete.
Maybe include some roses and some tulips too.
It’s not hard to imagine how much brighter my day would be if someone sent a bouquet of flowers to me.
Maybe an orchid or some violets in blue; honey may be sweet, but I like flowers too.

Don’t wait until I’m dead and gone to send me lily’s that neither toil nor spin.
I just want to see the beauty that will make me grin over and over again.
Marigolds are nice for a special day like mine, but calla lilies could do the trick if they accompany a bottle of wine.If artificial flowers are the best you can do, then I won’t complain if your heart is true blue.

Summertime Blues

I love summer and summer loves me.
As I Rest under a big tall shade tree with a nice cool drink to refresh my Soul.
There are always summertime games of hide and go seek.
You don’t have to worry about school until Fall takes a peek.
Spending all Your time on a sandy beach watching the people go by.
There is never a dull moment from dusk till dawn.
Rolling down the river on a raft made of wood; paddling a canoe on a beautiful sunny day makes life seem worthwhile.
Listening to the happy songs of waterfalls and white capped waves to love’s sweet tunes will make you feel light and gay.
These Are some of the wayS you can avoid the summertime blues.

A Poet’s Plea

A poet strives to be understood; To say something that touches the mind and heart as only a poet can.
A poet always has something they want to say; good or bad only time can make the distinction.
The meaning of what is being said might be as plain as the nose on your face, but it could also be shrouded in imagery and complicated meaning that always speaks when the time is right.

Sometimes a poet may have a lot to say; it need not be important or profound to paint a picture with words that can tell a story untold. What you may write could rhyme from end to end, but don’t worry if it doesn’t because it was meant to be that way.

My Hips

My hips aren’t big, but they aren’t very small. They seem to fit my body and the way I walk.

When I was younger I tried to shake my hips for everyone to see how much I had going on all around me.

My hips would sway from side to side; turning heads on every corner as I went by.
However, all the attention I received wasn’t necessarily great at all. My hips were sending the wrong message about who I was and where I wanted to go. Once I realized I was more than a pair of hips; an artificial tease,

My view of what was really important made my life become so sweet.
I finally figured out it wasn’t just my hips that made me worth knowing, but my head and my heart that made me someone special to know for all the right reasons.