Losing momentum

Usually my words come from motivation not force I feel the fatigue of this challenge yet I push through I lost my breath long ago but I jog my pace slowed as I needed to catch my breath. I will get my second wind in the next hour passing sights I never thought I’d see landmarks and ideas that cause my pen to flow ink from the tip like the sweat from my brow. I am gaining momentum chasing down that finish line if for nothing else than to be able to say I did it. That in itself is enough incentive to keep going the finish line is there I just have to reach it.


Today I read words I had never heard before the end of the page caused me to gasp for air it was refreshing caused my mind to race creative juices flowing like Niagra Falls. Drowning never felt so good I was submerged in the possibilities my pen,pad and mind had in front of them then I realized the miracle of how precious being a poet is. Anything can trigger a masterpiece a thought or even an awakening.


I want to be able to wrap my arms around you and cover you in kisses but in the back of my mind I wonder do you deserve them? Your demeanor tells me you don’t your hiding something deep within that would cause me to keep my affections to my self. Are you longing for the kisses that make you reach your peak since I cannot trust you my kisses I will keep.

Present state of mind

It’s chilly cool to the touch leaves have fallen and so have I. Secluded not many will find me here but he knows. He knows that familiar place I go when things don’t go my way. The oasis where I can scream as loud as I want and let the tears flow a place I can hide where no one else can go.

In need of a drink

The morning doesn’t start without it that warm silky motivator drenched in cream and sugar warm to the touch and pleasing to the core sometimes when you reach the bottom it leaves you wanting more. The smell of it can wake you within a moments time the taste will mesmerize you enough to stand in line. Some will save their pennies they do it all the time others do it in their pj’s at home will be just fine.


They exist in a world once removed from reality where pain only last a moment and death is for the bad guys. But here in reality we need more heroes super or not because with an abundance of villains our imaginations are all we’ve got.


The red leaves and the brisk air bring a calm to my soul a cloudy day makes me go out and play reminiscent of what I call home. The time before winter when I appreciate the most the main course I look forward to year round. Once the noises are all silent and no one makes a sound. I take that leap and drift through space an experience of all some call it losing your mind but I just call it fall.

Whispers of you

I want to believe your words because your actions fail me often. No eye contact is made for it may reveal deception. I make believe forever though I know our love has a limit. You slip farther away each day until your no longer in view and I’m left to pick up the pieces haunted by whispers of you.

Cloud 9

Floating in the idea that this will last forever blissfully ignorant. Hopeful for the future whatever that maybe head first no questions asked. I believe in you I trust in what we can be. I will never come down from this high you give me. You are the perfect daydream in a flawed nightmare When I can’t wake up we will fly away together on cloud nine.

In The Beginning

The cool breeze caressing her skin the butterflies mingling within. Her heartbeat like the bass line his fingertips were the lyrics. It was like a quiet storm a trouble brewing within when feelings started growing and they were no longer friends. In The Beginning