Recipe for a dog named Griffy

1. Bark (may substitute woof if needed)
2. Loyalty
3. Joy
4. Wolf ancestry
5. Play

Directions: mix the bark and wolf ancestry together in a large bowl. Stir in five spoonfuls of loyalty and whisk until mixture is smooth. Using a grater, add in joy and play to taste.

Note: This recipe is for an energetic terrier. Cut back on bark and wolf ancestry if desired.


She often says, “I’d rather ask forgiveness
than ask permission” and
this is how she creates
magic from her intentions.

Beachside cottages, children,
an apartment for the cats,
then a labyrinth, a real labyrinth,
taking shape in the desert
under her direction.

At the solstice we gather
and set our intentions,
then walk the circular path
toward peace and clarity.

We bless the four directions.
We drink cider and eat gingersnaps.
We build community made possible
by one woman’s bold vision.

Hello everyone, I’m happy to be here … and also scared … !

Hi everyone,

My name is Diane and I live in Southern California with my partner, four dogs and one tabby cat. I participated in my first poetry half-marathon last year and it was absolutely the hardest and most thrilling writing experience of my life. I was astonished by the process itself and by some of the poems that emerged. And I was very honored to have one poem selected for last year’s anthology.

I am very grateful to our poetry gurus for creating another poetry marathon/half-marathon this year.

Like many of you, I’m sure, I am very distracted and anxious these days. My life is so different than last year. I am honestly less confident about my ability to concentrate and keep up. And, yet, I also think this half-marathon is probably one of the most important things I can do right now.

As writers, we bear witness. As writers, we channel voices. As writers, we help to bring change.

And I am ready to be part of that change.

I look forward to reading your work and being part of this wonderful group.

Very best,


To Dee Dee (my younger self)

You, the bookworm,
You, the nature lover, You, the animal mom.
You, the sensitive,
You, the shy kid, You, the fearful one.
You, writing in your journal
You, playing in the woods
You, singing your songs…
I hear you —
I care about you —
I love you —
And you are perfect, Dee Dee,
just the way you are
and just the way
you will always be.


The fog

Well, damn,
didn’t the fog descend so quickly
that morning?
It draped the little house
and the fir trees in its mist
and I felt such a peace in that hush,
alone, drinking my coffee
at that tiny kitchen table,
blissfully and tragically
unaware of your suffering.

What wildness is this

This is the part of me
that hates my everyday pleasing
good-girl self and wants
to shake her and
scream at her:
“Wake up! Wake up!
The Wildness awaits and time
is running short.”


Sevenling (our planet)

Our planet is a miracle:
dramatic waterfalls, soaring mountains,
brilliantly colored birds.

Our planet is in peril:
whales and dolphins washing up on our shores,
starving polar bears, the collapse of ecosystems.

The time is now.

Underwater birds

Like underwater birds,
we used our wings
to skim the surface
of the pond and then
to dive deep
into its depths.

The dark waters enveloped us,
protected us,
freeing us from the weight
of everyday legs.

Above us, owls hooted from oak trees
below the purple of the sky
and bats emerged from caves
to swoop through the stillness.

I wanted to tell you then
how mistaken I’d been
but you had already seen
the falling stars of tomorrow
and knew the way to Amen.



Yes, I am here.
Can you see me?
I am trapped.
Could you free me?
Oh — yes —
and thank you —