Thank You!!

Although I did not complete the Marathon, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to next year. I am determined to finish.

Thank you for the great experience.

Random, #9

As my head aches random things come to mind

I need my glasses

Tea is brewing

I eat my cereal

It is late at night and I am tired

I am home watching my dog

The fan is spinning

So is my head

How to get rid of this pain?

I watch my Dog sleep and I envy him.

Typing these poems that I am behind one

I am drawing a blank.

Drive fast, sleep running

Angry birds sing.

The chocolate cake is done

I am beginning to dream

I am determined to finish

Weight is up, yet I am hungry

Dance, perform

Go to Bed.



Ode to Marathon, #8

As I sit pondering

I wonder of my choice

The house quiet

All I hear is my voice


While all are asleep

I am speaking in rhyme

Although I make no peep

My voice is clear


These poems of mine

Fear’s a running theme

Time and time

I don’t know why

Suffocating, #7

Motionless and stale

The air is suffocating.

Clueless and pale

Grasp, swing, fighting


Eyes open wide

Darkness draws near.

Get out and hide

Cry, scream, fear

In That Place Between #6

In that place between peace and restless dream,

feeding our emotion.

Crippling the brilliant, weakening the strong,

confusing the heart.


All too much to bear stealing our hope,

strengthening our fear.

In that place between peace and restless dream,

tearing us apart.

We Were, #5

There was a time of peace of mind,

That no longer blesses us.

The growth of consciousness,

The dishevelment of our wits

Prove to pollute the innocence.

We were once proud group,

Wrought with confidence.


See Me, #4

See me for who I am,

A dreamer in a nightmare.

Lost in the pride of youth,

The sensibilities of a Rebel.


See me for who I am,

A child caught, abducted.

Weak and frightened

No longer believing.


See me for who I am

A young wife with dreams.

Silly and unattainable.

I am nothing but a child.


Earnestly,  #3

My earnest most desperate prayer.

Body, Mind, Spirit.


Strong, clever, courageous.


My earnest most desperate desire.

Love, Friendship, Success.


Strong, clever, courageous.


My earnest most desperate need.

Security, Peace, Hope.


Strong, clever, courageous.


Painful Reminder, Post #2

It will not stop.

Hovering, suffocating.

It will not stop.

Grieving, mourning.


Closer and closer still,

It will not waiver.

Closer and closer still,

Reminding failure.


Feel the pain,


Feel the pain,


Runny Fear Post #1

Swimming in the plankton sea,

my running fear caught up with me.

My hopes and dreams can not be found,

reaching, groping as they drown.