Tainted Love

You told me that you loved me
     but you lied
You told me you’d never leave me
     But you lied
You said that we had time enough
To do what we wanted to do
I fell in love, believed you
     But you lied.
Why did you waste my time?
Why did you waste my love?
Why did you make me waste away in grief?
Why did you make me love you
Knowing you couldn’t love me?
Even though you said you loved me
     But you lied.

Days of Youth

  1. As a young child in the mountains
    The snow was falling at night
    One night my father woke me up
    To see a glorious sight.
    A majestic, white snow owl
    Was resting on the well
    We watched it for awhile
    Until it flew off and broke the spell.

2. Later in my childhood
Alabama we chose to call home.
Instead of snow we had sand
And wildlife liked to roam.
One day while I was out playing
My mother suddenly called to me
She had seen a red fox nearby
She thought it would eat me up with glee.

3. I grew a little older
To the beach I would go
I’d always end up sunburned
Lathered up with aloe.
My friends and I would walk around
Trying to be so cool
When in reality we were burning up
Would have to jump into the pool.

4. In my teenage years
I became awkward, very shy
I couldn’t even walk past folks
And look them in the eye.
I fumbled through the classrooms
I marched with the band
I finally graduated
Was sent out into the land.


Glancing at the city, busyness awaits
Reaching for some peacefulness, beyond the iron gates
Everyone is rushing, no time to smell the flowers
Entering a greenspace, where you can spend many hours
Nothing but the fragrance of flowers in the air
Singing very joyfully, the birds swoop with flair
Pacing across the length of this oasis, hidden away
Accepting of the quiet, which calms your crazy day
Challenging the people, to cherish peace, not race
Everyone then can enjoy, this amazing greenspace.

My Sweet


Your prickly outer cover
Is adorable to behold
You tiny little black nose
Wiggles with cheer untold.
Your tiny little body
Just makes me want to smile
If I had you near me
I’d go the extra mile.
I’d give you lots of yummies
I’d give you lots of love
I’d give you lots of comfy stuff
That would fit you like a glove.
I’d talk to you so sweetly
We’d hold a dialogue
If I could call you mine
You charming little hedgehog.

Youth No More

I grow old … I grow old …
Over the years I have grown bold
I have sought out new adventures
Tried many different sorts of food.
I have traveled many places
Whatever suits my mood.
In my youth I was very quiet
My tears fell on the floor
Now that I have grown older
I’m not as emotional as before.
I laugh and smile,
I love to sing
I work with children,
Such joy they bring.
I aimed for the moon
But found the stars
Life is good
Even if sometimes bizarre.
So many things I like to do
I travel, karaoke, bake and write
I would rather keep smiling
I don’t like to fight.
I grow old … I grow old …
Yet I’m young at heart
Life is good
I don’t doubt my part.


Italicized lines are from T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Free Thinking-Part Two

Standing outside
     The cool wind makes me shiver
     The darkness envelopes me
     The clouds make the shadows flicker
          The night gets deeper.
I close my eyes
     I smell the rain in the air
     I smell the damp grass
     I smell new construction
          The night is fuller.
I walk slowly
     The fatigue makes me sway in place
     My entire form feels limp
     My mind tries to shut down.
          The night gets longer.
I stand still
     The birds have gone to bed
     The rabbits are all resting
     The dog is sound asleep
          The night continues on.

To the child who struggles

To the child who struggles:
    When I see the smile light up your face
    It makes my heart sing loud
    When you accomplish a goal in your daily race
    My hands start up clapping, proud.
    A bite of yogurt goes in your mouth
    A word like, “Hello!” is released by your tongue
    Colours, letters, numbers, shapes
    Are things you struggle with, but they’ll come!
    Your tiny little body has been through so much,
    But I am here to help you learn and grow.
    Never give up, you will be just fine
    Your courage and humour will help the flow.
Much love,
Your D

Fluff and Stuff

Have you ever seen anything quite as tough
As a field of off white dandelion fluff
Some people love it, use it for wishes
They huff and they blow
Until the wishes it dishes
Others are not quite as fond of this flower
They will pull it, toss it
Take away its power.
The tiny fairy fluffs
They fly through the air
Planting themselves
In lawns everywhere.
So if ever you see
A small fuzz so tough
Pay homage to the tenacious
Dandelion fluff!

My Odyssey

My life has been an odyssey
A balance of good and bad
I have seen so many things
Such adventures I have had.
Not too long ago, at my older age
I decided to return to school.
Everyone was so much younger
At times I felt like an old fool.
Surprisingly, as the time went on
My confidence in myself grew.
I began to see me doing things
I never thought I knew!
I learned to be a leader
Organized (oh my!)
I became someone people looked up to
Even if at times I questioned why.
I found within myself it seemed
A wealth of knowledge I’d never pondered
When I began my soujourn to
The chance to let my talents wander.

Beginning to End

In the beginning
the world was dark
The stars began to shine so bright
Creatures started to roam around
Scampering, hopping throughout the night.
The trees they grew to reach the sky
Flowers began to fragrantly bloom
Bees were buzzing gleefully
Birds were chirping
In the beginning.
In the end
The world was dark
The stars brightness waned
All throughout every night
Not a creature could be found even hiding
The future did not look so bright.
No live trees could be found
No more flowers bloomed
The bees were absent
The birds music
Was gone.
In the end.

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