Hello 2020 Marathoners!

Hello fellow Marathoners, new and old!

We are in for a wonderfully fun experience this weekend. The first time I tried this, I did the half marathon.  The other two times, I did the full.

I can’t imagine doing only the half now that I’ve done the full.  I don’t know if it’s because I usually have a hard time squeezing in time to write for myself or because of the feeling I get when I am on a roll with words with no one to stop me.  Either way, I am going to have fun this weekend.

In any case, I have my snacks. I have my husband on-board to bring me light meals and to hang out with our youngest (she is a complete story on her own). Storms are in the forecast, which is sure to  remind me of my mom, but, hopefully won’t knock out the power. I have a few pens, paper, pencils, and my computer; I switch around a lot.

Here’s to a weekend of words welded together.