I’m in a situation
I’m out of love and into it
I’m on the dime of ten
But would sun tract anything
Just to be on cloud nine
I fantasized as he took my hand
Eyes closed I had no idea who was which
Maybe I was the witch
To lay between my own feelings
And haunt their minds
I thought they knew
At least one of them
Maybe both
Wait we all knew
The moments of I love you
Is it possible to love
Can it be real
Can I honestly feel different
With each
I’m pouring out my thoughts
And they hold their buckets
Shuffle thru them
Dump them
Only to return and throw it all in my face
I can’t erase or go back
Yet you stand here
Asking me not to break us
But we are broke
Broke in…

The water rushed through my mind i was on a deck not cards that was to risky of win or loose draw or fold i only wanted the night air to deck me and the water fall to be so loud that every stranger walking by gave a moment of time i could engage them this way allow them to stimulate the convo i had much more to share i needed more than every hour i think I needed 15mins every 15mins i was always told that I indulged in center of attention thats the truth no that’s there view the truth is I do but at certain times i choose the deck for height but the waterfall i honestly choose that for silence see I don’t always need to be seen oh wait I forgot about the strangers the ones I wanted to see me…


I mid evening break

the bubbles poured over the rim

im beyond the wine now

the ink is still with me though

the jacuzzi

it flooded the room

i would think

i poured so many bubbles

i can’t see the ink

i feel amazing though

the freedom

to soak

and write

how visual my mind is

as I see each bubble

as a cloud

i would say

im checked




My grandma


is what I call her

not sure if that comes from my jamican poppop

or what

shes a solider

these past years the hospital

has held her more than anyone

but she recently graduated

received a bachelors in nursing

any time I want to give up

i vision her

i walked in on her

in the hospital

i expected her to be in misery

after the stroke

but she was on the laptop

her doctorate is what she is after now

i wonder if the teacher even knows

the woman getting all those papers turned in

is my roll model

my hero

a woman of power

nothing stops her

i giggle at the stroke

it didn’t succeed in all it’s known for

i praise my God

He excelled

that’s usual though

she has to learn how to write

with her left hand

i remember I was left there

at the bottom of the hill

in my 20s

when I chose everything



i could care less now

they say a grandma’s prayers

are powerful

she prays for herself

And I pray too

i need her touch

her hidden strength

that bursts out in due time

i love her

i honor her

i think of her often

now I must speak to her…


The glass of wine

was as red as the pen

both spilt


became wet

and hit

the paper with


nothing hurt

nothing was tipsy



it all felt good

i was pleased

with both

pen and wine…


Plans have changed and I am on a different route

the hotel made a mistake

but there are others

it will change my thoughts

maybe my writing

so I will be back in an hour

checked in

stretched on my yoga may

ready to write…


The rain is pouring down

it sounds like secrets

being told to fast

by too many people

rambling on by too many

i stopped caring what they said

years ago when my tears

were like this down pour

everyone else did what I’m doing now

raised there umbrellas

and kept walking…


Maybe I could just write the million times I say clean you room

or put that away

or don’t do that

my thoughts couldn’t penetrate anything more

maybe the delight in this hour comes from my kids

since I’m laughing that I turned my frustration into poetry

this just may save them punishment

single parent life, it’s a zoo at times

even on a rainy day

the animals are still out…


Parts of me

are fully into it

the other half

is so distant

i can’t even hear my pen

usually it’s screaming by now

am I holding back

keeping in…