Time to say goodbye

This day will be the hardest

I have been dreading it

But here we are

It is time to bury the dead

It is time to let go

It is time to move on

It is time to turn to each other

Those who are still living

To raise a glass

To make a toast

To swear we will always remember

To promise to keep in touch

And unlike at other gatherings

Here I actually believe in these oaths

We have kept them for so long

We will keep them

Until we are the ones being buried

Our friends standing above us

Gently laying the dirt over our faces

And whispering that they will find us

On the other side of the veil

And once again

In this instance

I do believe them


There are some people

That never leave your life

No matter how much or little

You keep in touch

They are always at your shoulder

Whispering in your ear

Giving you the hug you wish you had

And reminding you how far you’be gone

Like a mental hitchhiker

They planted themselves here long ago

They have been here so long

You don’t know how to be without them

Even when their bodies give up to the grave

Their ghost still lingers

Saying what you need to hear

Making you smile from the beyond

And reminding you

That some friendships

Never really leave you


We say goodbye for now

But they will forever live

In our hearts and minds

Bird calls

Bird calls

In the morning

A stark reminder

That life

No matter how


Does go on

What we feel

Is impermanent

Even when absorbed

By it

This too shall pass

This ache will dull

This day will end

Another will

Take it’s place

And it will begin

With bird calls

Give me the Beat

Set the metronome

Give us the beat

Let my heart beat in time with it

Let my body breathe with it

Let us fall in time with each other

We shall march it

We shall dance it

Our feet moving across the ground

In old and mystic patterns

Our hands lifted

Like worshipers in a pentacostal church

Partaking in the most holy of communion

We dance

We sing

We march

We join hands

We are sanctified in the sound

We are washed in the rhythm

We are whole in each other

For this one beautiful shining moment

We are at one with the music

And we are free


Just in Time

The odd alchemy of realizing

You have awoken just in time

Some internal body clock was set

Against every other body clock you have

And it would not let you sleep

Even though you should sleep

Rising from the ether of dreams

You check the time

And realize you can make it

This is the first victory of the day

You can finish what you started


The light was just peeking in

Inky black turning to sapphire blue

Knew it would only turn brighter

Missed the next changes

To royal



I missed the spot of brightness in the distance

The clouds that danced red




The world is once again illuminated

As I am waking up

I Heard Your Voice

I was laying down to sleep

In the house you once called home

And I heard your voice

Asking me what I was doing there

I don’t know how to answer you

And the others would think me crazy if I said this


Are you here?

Can you hear me?

If I reached out far enough

Could I reach you?

Watch Scifi Movies

If you want to know truth

Watch scifi movies

All the things you never wanted to think of

All the possible ways this could go wrong

All the topics you never talk about at dinner parties

Are explored without judgement

Attempted without prejudice

And laws are broken without forethought

All to show you what happens

When people meddle

Late Night Movies

The deepest conversations

I’ve had while watching late night movies

Couple beers in

Truths start flowing

Words are said

In between action scenes

And dramatic lines

And poking fun at the movie

We say things we should say

Running on Fumes

I’m running on the last bits

Of what I have left

I came here with all the energy I had

And most of it is already gone

I’m only running on what the others are giving me

They hug me and smile

They ask where I am now and what I’m doing

We talk for hours because we haven’t talked in years

Around these boys I am not shy

I am not ashamed of what I am or who I am right now

They don’t care, they’be never cared

They love me for who I am right now

And I love them for who they are right now

This is all that I’m running on right now

What’s left of the energy I came with

And the love of these around me

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