My Kind of People

I feel at home with …

Those that get excited about
The changes of the seasons
The sound of the ocean
The smell of a sudden shower
And watching the heavens

I feel at home with …

Those that choose to be happy right now
Not waiting until things get easier
Not caught-up in the strife of the day
Not swayed by how difficult things are
But go out and dance in the rain

I feel at home with …

Those that choose to see joy
To banish sorrow
To note the good in everything
To strive to find their own contentment
No matter what life throws in their path


Mice like cheese and so does a cat
Cats like mice and there’s nothing wrong in that
But whilst mice like cheese moist and raw
Some pussy-cats crave a little bit more

Grilled mouse with sprinkled parmesan flakes
Fresh cheese stuffed mice are good in bakes
Lightly toasted cheese pizza with bits of ground mouse
Goes down well in any cat house
A blue mouse-cheese dip with slices of brie
Is maybe not something that’d please you or me
But a stew with a spicy cheesy-crust top
With mouse chips on the side has cats eating the lot
No meal is complete without a dessert
So a mouse cheesecake with cream just wouldn’t hurt

The recipes are endless I think your agree
But I’ll pass … as the mouse and cheese combo is really not for me


My bed is the portal to adventures anew
Where I travel to worlds
I never knew that I knew
Time has no meaning and space holds no fear
Dates are irrelevant
Once I am here
Falling in gaps between words on a page
Scrolling across gadgets
In this more modern age
Or voices implanted direct to my ear
All story telling helps me simply … disappear
Under the duvet snuggled up tight
Conjuring visions
Deep into the night
Sleeping with excitements
Rifling my brain
Lost in weird dreams until daybreak
Then tomorrow night … it’ll start all over again

ODE to a Flea

Dearest little jumping flea
I truly wish you’d not picked me
To play the host so you and yours
Can live in comfort with food on our four paws
To snack whenever and take a nap
Within the fur around our backs
The feeling is really not nice
As you hop about like demented lice
I’m feeling used
And strangely abused

It’s said you once were circus creatures
Playing all well-known theatres
Now unemployed your living gone
You plague us pets which is so very wrong
Our humans care not for your skills
Of jumping from pet to pet as is your will
To suck the blood from unknown hosts
And leave red spots and itchy coats
To be honest I don’t know what’s in your head
Cause if you’re not careful you’ll end up dead

Mankind prefer to deflea their beloved pets
With potions and sprays from the vets
One Spot on our necks or collar of drugs
Will have you dead as doorknobs on the rugs
To be swept away to the great cloud in the sky
As we wave a heartless goodbye
So stay outside
On creatures that are wild
If you want peace in your short life
Don’t cause us pets so much trouble and strife


Beware the tides of the coming dawn
Casting doubts they do forewarn
Of prophecies not yet born
That stalk this mortal land

Cast forth unto the raging night
Lunar mists to burn too bright
Across the sea as they take flight
illusions still unknown to man

Take heed the coming of the day
Nightmares fade to murky grey
Never to really go away
Locked forever in troubled hands

Beware the tides of the coming dawn
Heed this prophecy to forewarn
Safeguard loved ones not yet born
In this mortal land

I Now Come From …

I come from the era of sex and drugs
And of rock and roll
music festivals, cheesecloth and no shoes
daisy chains and the sweet-smelling haze of weed

I come from money old and new
I come from bitter and sweet
Of loathing and resentment
Must try harder

I come from simple pleasures
Sunsets and raindrops
Walking barefoot on a deserted beach
Of toes wriggled in wet sand

I now come from stories and poems

Never Stop Listening

Listen night and day
Hear the world as it tries to say
All is sacred under one sun
Nothing more special than another one
Each sings a beautiful tune
But it may well all be gone too soon

Listen with your heart
Listen with you mind
Listen with you soul
And know to never stop listening
No matter where you go

Not Invisible

I want to be missed if I went away
Not to die but no longer seen to play
I want people that live on my street
To be aware that we no longer meet
For social media to notice I’ve gone
That I never post a reply to anyone
I don’t want to drop out undetected
To hide away no longer connected
I want to be seen to be right here
I want the world to know and care


The blood of Stones
Heavy after first rains
Raindrops kicking stress levels
Alchemy for the soul

Just Say YES …

Will you be my friend?
Will you tell me all about you?
Will you send me a photo?
Do you really like me?
Will you do something for me?
Will you post a picture of you in a swimsuit?
Will you turn your video on?
Will you take your top off?
Will you take everything off?
Will you meet me in secret?
Will you?
Will you?

Will you regret it later?

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