I’ve done the Poetry Marathon twice in the past 8 years and figured I give it another try this year as I’m trying to cultivate another heart,  a healed one, in my writing. Looking forward to the challenge! JESUS loves you: God bless!

No time

Too many things going on at the same time

Enough time to handle those things that I want

Yet some must be left behind

Some times it’s necessity

Which includes some silly shenanigans

Choosing between two things

Hoping not to regret a thing


I was walking towards the door

Keys in hand

Purse hanging on my shoulder

Wiped out from a long day

Of reading, editing, trying to avoid unnecessary banter with my supervisor

And I don’t remember anything

Yet waking up in a hospital

Family gathered around

And confusion from coming back to consciousness

Having felt nothing

Numbness a welcomed escape from heartbreak

But that wasn’t the case

I headed towards your door

And fainted

Only your touch

Could revive me



Not sure why I do it to myself

Competitive yet take a loser’s approach

Common sense is fleeting

Ego is stabbed

Self-inflicted wounds

Pride conflicts with self worth

An L never feels good



Control at your finger tips


Any time

Morning Blank

I wake up

Not knowing what day it is

Am I to get ready for

Am I to get to chores

I lay here, confused

But my first thought is

Let’s relieve my bladder

No toilet paper?

Splash warm water in my face

I drooled extra today

The peasy crown on my head

The mirror doesn’t lie

A camera always flips the pic

Before Darkness

Light shines its brightest

Love is at its strongest

Breath has reached its peak

Crescendo to sun setting



I’ve heard all that you said but I don’t know whether or not to believe it because you’ve always said those things and never did them or never meet them so we can sit at the beach in the breeze and you can hold that shotgun because if you decide to pull the trigger my body with only match the coldness that my heart has felt with you

Summation of All Things

Don’t you feel it within

That life is coming to its end

Increasing number of murders

And Natural cause deaths

Nature is at its wits-end

The wind doesn’t linger as it did before

It’s rushing because it knows the time is short

The waves move with fury, no need for a calm

The sounds of rushing mighty waters is the voice of the Lord

The sun beams are stronger; the heat index ablaze

The earth destroyed by fiery cascades

Liken to the volcanos erupting after long slumbers

Souls of those in delusion try to tug at heart reins

For the music, sex, fun, disease and pain of this temporary place

Was never designed to last always in this way

A righteous Judge is calling each one to the seat

At the end

Are you found innocent or guilty?

Erin Elise

Writer from New Jersey. Please visit and Like my Writer’s Page on Facebook:
This is the second time I’m doing the marathon and hoping a different writing style manifests. God bless!