Last Poem! *twelve*

You hide in th stuffy darkness,

Between a million identities,

They swallow you whole till are

A mere memory scrunched at the bottom of the closet.

A poem speaks – poem seven

When a poem speaks

It paints me as angry,

As something worth feeling,

Chases me into the parted lips of noon


My name etched in stone

When a poem speaks

The prophetic tongue,

Sands heavy with infinite footprints


Memories up and alive again,

Shadows lurking in the corners,

When a poem speaks

My tongue unfurls like a carpet


I am more than the clouds can contain,

The loose petals turn to flying insects,

Ants vomit sugar and recede

When a poem speaks



Hii, just making this post before the marathon because it was a requirement. Any advice from previous participants on how to prepare and what to do during the marathon?