It was unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

I never thought it would hit me that hard.

He was supposed to be there

But I should know by now that nothing ever goes as planned.

I never even got a chance to say my goodbyes.

It’s probably for the best.

I was never good at those anyway.

Dead Poets Society (in memory of robin williams)

Despite the rain that day, I forewent the umbrella.

After everything, soaked clothes were the least of my concerns.

Watching them lower him down was the most painful thing I ever had to endure

But he’ll never know it.

I lingered long after everyone else had left.

I only wish he had the common courtesy to follow suit.

Now, here I stand two years later

with no idea how I made it this far without him.

Sometimes, I think about jumping in after him

but then I realize worrying doesn’t suit me.

I mean he brought us joy long before he took himself from us.

Why should now be any different?

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