Ghost stories

They’re fun when you’re a kid

listening to the counselors trying

to scare you with some guy crouching behind a bush in the woods


and then as you grow up, you realize

the real horror stories transpire

every day

all around you:

murder, rape, genocide and the like


but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive

because the majority are decent, honest

people with integrity and they are

the ones who will

write the history

books in



Something just like this

Is what we all crave.

It’s intelligent, cathartic

something we all dream of

but it’s not easy to obtain.


it’s far off in the distance

but that never stopped us from trying


so why should now be any different?

Speed of Sound

It’s faster than you can hear

and louder than you can run.

Block out all distractions, concentrate fully and

you just might be able to detect it.


It comes and goes on a whim whenever it


not that you asked for it.

not that it cares.

but it makes its own way in the world

figuring out its purpose and learning

what it means to truly exist.


It doesn’t play by anyone’s rules or

even the laws of physics, for that matter

but if you understand what it’s all about, you’ll

realize what makes it the most beautiful thing in the world.


I’m done

I just thought you should know that.

with all your crap

all the drama, tension,

animosity, pointless screaming.

I’m done.

Because it bears repeating.

So you can take all your dogma, judgement,

scrutiny, self-righteousness, etc. and shove it

well, I don’t really care where

just as long as

it’s not here.


I’m done.


Plummeting down with no way to stop.

Then she opens up and it all comes into focus.

Deceleration sets in and

the world seems so small.

The sky comes up to greet you

and you salute it in return

waiting for the ground to welcome you back into

its essence

as the grass crumbles beneath your feet

and your fear along with it.

Higher Power

It could be flight

or lifting heavy things with all your might

but whether you can teleport or disappear,

it should be used to save people far and near

because you owe it to you and me

and with higher power comes higher responsibility

Cemeteries of London

You still go back sometimes to visit your grave,

think about all you took and gave.

It’s surreal seeing your own name on a headstone

leaving in the dust the only existence you’ve ever known


but now your new one has just begun

giving you one last moment in the sun.

You still don’t know why you’ve been subjected to this strife

but you’re ready to discover what it means to truly live life.


The darkness descends on the unsuspecting

populace just waiting to make its move.

Suddenly, it gets you when you least suspect it

and no amount of running can quell it.


But when the petrichor sets in and the clouds

retreat to fight another day,

the everglow emerges from its slumber

and lights up the world.

Because that’s all it knows

and we always soak it in wherever and whenever it glows.

Hymn for the weekend

It comes and goes in its magnificent beauty,

a respite from the vicissitudes of work.

We wander and seek a way to fill the time,

maybe play a sport while you’re still in your prime


But whatever you do, make sure it’s the best so

the rest of the week doesn’t feel like a pest

Death and all his friends

Welcome back to the world you once knew

so much for us to say and do.

I’ll catch you up on my story

and you’ll tell me about you.


Let me into the bubble of your life.

How’s your sister? Your folks? Your wife?

Anything you need, just say the word

because there’s nothing you can speak that won’t be heard.


So we’ll laugh, play, sing every song we know.

Just like the old days, all systems go.

And when all is said and done, we’ll immortalize our endeavor

to ensure it lives on forever and ever

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