Stuck and Locked – Hour 6

       So really small           So far away
     No feeling at all           With no-one to play
      Only one is left           Am I locked out?
And that is loneliness           Is there nothing about
      Stuck at a place           An outcast like me?
That means nothingness           Or am I just weird
                                 Because I feared
                                 The future of me?
                                 Whenever I see you
You sit there, laughing and talking to others.
You once said, our relationship was being brothers
And yet, I don't see that relationship in us.
What do I wrong? Whatever it is, please, we can discuss
And talk it all out. Still, you locked me out.

The Car, a Key – Hour 5

A shy girl
Who looks up to their teacher
They get in a talk
And laugh quite a lot

However it happened
Together they sit
In the teacher’s car
And drive somewhere

The teacher still talks
And turns away from the wheel
The shy girl is happy
There is no shy no more

It so happens
That the highway grows smaller
And the car – not being controlled
Crashes over the boundary, drives over some grass and back on the highway

At first it seems alright
They continue to drive
But then the car gets slower
And stops on a drawn-on-the-street rotary traffic

Both get out and look at it
No bad damage they see
So, they calmly wait for help
While they chat and tell stories

Butterfly Hotel – Hour 4

Taken from the official prompt post.

The butterfly flew
For days he knew
His hunger was there
But nectar was rare

Then – he spotted
Stained glass, perfect to land on
To oranges he trotted
His hunger would be gone

He started to eat
one orange and another
Though not as good as nectar

But still it was delicious
Then – while eating he noticed,
“This is a trap!”

In the Fields – Hour 3

Walking down the street
Left and right is only field
Corn is growing there
Houses are away

Stop and listen close
Can you hear the wind?
Softly blowing through the trees
Gently touching skin

Walk, then stop and listen
Can you hear the birds?
Tweeting in the trees
Sing the latest melodies

Walk 5 metres further
Can you hear machines?
Working far away
Caring for the crops

The Magic of Equestria – Hour 2

The magic of Equestria
Holds much power, says Celestia

The magic of life –
Freedom is for what ponies strive
Ponies fulfill their dream
While flowing with the stream

The magic of a unicorn
All comes from just a horn
Whatever they learn, they learn with ease
Until they can do whatever they please

The magic of ponies flying
Their beauty can make ponies crying
Their stunts are one of a kind
Which will blow your mind

The magic of an Earth pony
They can make plants grow more freely
They are very strong
And rarely do something wrong

The magic of two friends together
Is stronger than any weather
Stronger than any state of mind
For their problems never blind

But nothing can break it
For they have too much magic

Rainbow of Feelings – Hour 1

I am red
When I am angered

I am orange
When I sunbathed

I am yellow
When I am ill

I am green
When I am jealous

I am blue
When I am sad

Or am I drunk?
Well … um …  anyways-

I am purple
When I am bruised

I am pink
When I am loved

Poetry Marathon here I come!

Hi there!

You can call me Fiona and I’ve been writing poetry for one or two years now (not much, I know). I’ve written some decent poems, however, only in my first language and I want to sharpen my skills in English poems ^^

This is my first time ever trying out the Poetry Marathon, and I hope that it’ll be a great experience! 😀
(I, of course, will go for the full marathon because if I’ll do it, I’ll do the complete marathon – I only hope that the lack of sleep won’t affect my poem skills that much.)

I wish every contestants – may it be a full marathoner or a half marathoner – the best and may our work speak for itself!