Poem #whatever

when he’s writing

he brushes a finger

against his lip

dragging the thumb



and he’s never writing

he thinks he has better ways

to use his time

but he should do it more often

because when he does

it is beautiful

and when he does

he is beautiful

Poem #21

That moment

when the snow begins to fall

and the birds sing loud for the winter queen

that is what I feel

looking into your eyes

Poem #20

3 am

humming dirty raps

nose is dripping

stomach aching

i think i laughed too much


Parks at midnight

the swings are empty

the slide is wet

and no children are present

the moonlight


long ago

whispering a gospel


Poem #19

rolling down the highway

giggles in my ears

sweet sweet smell of bug spray

organic soothing kind

bumping elbows

resting heads

lying on each other

popcorn bags

and skittles

Poem #17: Loss

Reaching into my back pocket

to find you aren’t sitting there anymore

licking a banana popsicle

to find that the taste has left


i drink hot water

because tea leaves are too much

and the way they used to crinkle

in your kitchen cupboard


i don’t eat crackers with cheez whiz

the old laughs bubble into the taste

and sour the calm I’ve created

with pictures of your last bittersweet smile



Poem #16

Her love was like handcuffs

i clung to the tight grip

desperate to feel something



her love was a nightmare

dark and cold

and I was scared

and I cried out for help


her love was a poem

written only for me

and I thought it was beautiful

but the paper was crap

and the writing was worse

i wish I hadn’t fallen for a lie

Poem #15: Car

Sitting in the back of a car

Nine of my best friends

Lights glowing on the road

teavelling, travelling

On the way to buttered popcorn

Movie reels

and sour patch kids

laughs filling up

this too large van

Poem #14: Tart

Sucking seedy raspberry jam of f my finger

on a hot summer day in July

thats the feeling I got

when you walked up to the door

knocked real quiet

and told me you couldn’t be with me

not the way I wanted you anymore


sour like an apple fallen out of a tree

i know you’ll never marry me


Poem #13: Slam

Hey, you

Yeah, you

The one sitting over there?

Typing away on Facebook

Like you just don’t care?


Hey you

What makes you think

You can be smarter than my shrink?

You think you know

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