(Hour 24) 21.30pm-22.30pm. TEXT PROMPT: poem about hope

the hope trap

I hope I’m smart enough
That next year I remember
Nay, I decide not to sign up
For another poeting marathon
I’m getting waaay too old for this claptrap 

Except of course I won’t
I’ll be here again with bells
Revelling in the subliminal
Fugue state at the end of a day
Built on but a few scattered 12 minute naps

Because the beauty of Marathon:
Poet-style is the hope that in
This heteroclitic haze of exhaustion
Gold is struck & I just step out
The way, let the shine glow : then — snap!

(Hour 23) 20.30pm-21.30pm. TEXT PROMPT: a world that is not this one

this is not the prompt i was looking for

almost every poem I’ve written
over the past 22.5 hours
has been in a world not this one
as I continue to flesh out
my Young Adult Novel in Verse
manuscript Dropped the Sky —
a beyond dystopian alternearth
where seemingly 99.9% of earth’s
biomass has been exterminated
converted to fine orange dust
via an invasion force of intergalactic
end-of-lease style AI/cyborg crustaceans
& follows teenaged survivors
Stella & Ryan as they seek ways
on how to stay alive

that said it seems fair
I write this poem about me
… in this world as an inverse
to the prompt above — given
every previous prompt today
I’ve endeavoured to filter
through Ryan or Stella’s eyes
— even if it’s not okay

… I’m too tired to care 🤩

(Hour 22) 19.30pm-20.30pm. BONUS: cheese

sour cheese

“Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”
G.K. Chesterton

Well might English
writer, philosopher, critic
& Father of Brown

bemoan cheese’s woeful
in the annals of poetics

as he himself
being a descendent
of Clerihew Chesterton 

aka the 1st Lord Chester ;
the name Chesterton
is an Elizabethan corruption

of Cheeses’ Town
from Latin Jesus’ Town
— & if cheese is good enough

for our Lord
surely it’s worthy of
more diverse versification 

(Hour 22) 19.30pm-20.30pm. BOTH PROMPTS: pizza + silence

a small piece of peace

given : we’ve all : only known each other : less than a week : it’s pretty remarkable : how well we all : get along : the most conflict : i guess unsurprisingly : given they’re sister & brother : is between Stella & Rueben : who you can tell : though they love each other : since that first day of truce : reunited : do also : know which buttons : to push

we’re all spread around : a small fire : singing sparks : into the dark sky : discussing : what we miss most : no one can agree : & weirdly : it’s not so much : the tablets : & internet : as uniquely : personal : things : but then : Ben says : pizza

& suddenly : for the first time : there’s a beat : of genuine : silence : as we all remember : piping hot : pizza : greasy fresh : from the box : till Rueben breaks : the ceasefire : gotta be Hawaiian : & Priya screech-shouts : pineapple : on piz-zah! : please tell me you’re kidding

& that moment : just before : Margherita : & BBQ chicken : & supreme with anchovies : pepper the air : is one of the happiest : of my life : so far


(Hour 20) 17.30pm-18.30pm. VISUAL PROMPT: animal with red eyes in blackness

embers in the dark

He’s walked right round
the town twice now taking
Rueben & Ben with him

(Did you know
I’ve only just realised
The double Ben)

Priya & I have been
In & out of kitchens
& the supermarket

Gathering supplies
Of anything everything
Might be useful

& bringing it back to Base
Camp Fig Leaf
As Ruby named it Day 1 here

Tells me he’s almost done
& we’ll be on our way
South. Soon, so very soon

Been exhausted so long
But his eyes in the dark
like red embers    glowing

(Hour 18) 15.30pm-16.30pm. BOTH PROMPTS: haunting + photo of 2 corvids

three ravens

somehow : out of the shadows : three black birds : hover : the first we have seen : if indeed they are even there : for they float : on air : without sound : almost without movement : & do not caw or cry out : at our approach

Milky is the first : to protest : with a gentle whine : then Ben : by stopping : then Priya : till we all stand still : no one knows why : but no one wants : to go closer : something about : those three ravens : screeches : silence

Stella shatters our spell : by croaking : although I see no crustaceans : i can think of better places : to picnic 

& we wander on : away : wondering : what calamity occurred here : worse than elsewhere : to flaunt its : torment so brazenly 

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