Hour 24!

I see your figure from a distance
A shadow at the centre
Of the sun
Around which gravitate
Moons and planets
I walk towards you

Your silhouette diminishes as I
Get close to you
I lose all feelings
All sensations
I yearn for you
But you are not there

From my view
From my mind
I yearn for you

Still I walk
Towards the sun
Which burns me up
With every step I take

Still I walk

Hour 23

When the heart beats
In a certain way
And the tears refuse to fall
Dry desert
Filled with emotional pain
Stings of ecstasy
Look my way
Love me again
Or at least
Love me once
Feel the pain that controls me
Manipulate it
Crash into my atmosphere
And let our sparks radiate
A fire
To extinguish my torture

Hour 22

Your fingers are mourning
The stillborn words
That got lost on the way
Migrating from your brain
To your extremities
Synaptic connections interrupting
The flow of letters
And syllables
Which have somehow made their way
Into your bloodstream
Where they scream eternally
Begging for freedom

Hour 21

Touch my soft skin
Let my torrent engulf you
Synchronize your heartbeats
To the blood that flows in my veins

Plunge into my abyss
Inhale its darkness
And mold its bumps
Become one with my ventilating lungs
Take in my breaths and let out my sighs
Feel the tingles on my limbs
As you plant your fingers
In my pores

Let your vocals merge with
My melodies
Soft, low composition

Exhale as your river flows
And empty my innards into yours

Hour 20

Grabbing globes of glowing gold
I ignite the incense inside
And adhere aromatic ailments to it
Hoping hopelessly to hold her
Reach the rest of the rum
And swallow sacredly her sweet scent
Wicked words winding in the wind
Flowerd of flammable feelings
Causing calamities and carnage
To the tumultuous tyranny
Of the orbitinf orb ommiting thoughts

But the balls bounce away
Disappearing in the distant depth
Malefic muse migrating

Hour 19

Butterfly cinquain
The stars will shine
Above the city lights
Where all is oblivious to
My pain
A constant itch in the back of
The mind of a lonesome
Spirit sleeping
Death trap

Hour 18

Cloud mountain
I climb the steep steps
Of the serene slope
And settle a nest
Staring up
Seeing stars and sounds
On top of a sublime scenery
Satin draped sunflowers
Sun synchronizing all colors

But soon the solid substance seeps away
And my soul slides down
The slope
Now a simple layer of mist
Cloud mountain

Hour 17

I have searched for you
In every corner of my room
Under the sheets where we hide
Once everything goes dark
In the drawers between my kept souvenirs
Under the bed
Where my monsters hide
In the closet
Where I keep my costumes
Behind the mirror
Where my reflection is trapped

But you were nowhere to be found
O sleep, divine

Hour 16

Persona poem: Dorian Gray
Charmed by the words of an acquaintance
A wish I made upon recieving the greatest gift of all
Both my joy and my menace
An astounding painting made
Of my flawless youth
Forever to be kept away
For in that moment a few words
Uttered in a whirl of insanity
Changed the course of my animation
Forever my youth will remain
Intact and bound to my body
While my picture my vices will obtain
Displaying my corrupted impurity
Circles will speak of my acts
But no proof shall be found
No accusation against me will be held
For my youth will remain intact
Indifferent to my profanity
Eroticism shall be mine
With men and women will I toy
And none shall uncover my ploy
For only I will observe my corruption
Reflected in the once magnificient picture
The abhorrent figure slightly shifting
To mirror my horrific wrongdoing
Until I can no longer bear
The ugliness of the soul I share
And pierce the canvas that once held
The traces of my indignity

Hour 15

Ottava rima
Quickly you consumed my world in one sentence
And into the flames you threw my sanity
You broke the equilibrium, my balance
Cast over my skies webs of complexity
My gods fought their ennemies, seeking vengeance
But your demons were stronger, wicked beauty
The war drums declared the start of Ragnarök
But on the debris of your war my feet walk

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