My painting- it hangs
On the wall above my bed
The first gift I ever got

(Hour 24/Haiku)

Maighdean Mhara

midnight waves cast themselves upon the rocky shores

laden clouds hung low above

the driving rain drove her up the sandy stretch

with a heave and a shrug her skin fell off

silken tresses drop around her waist

myriad waves beckons her back, sing to her, wanting

far along the foot-trodden path he waits for her

night after night-

she rises

their love, once again complete

he grows old, his heart will cease

she kisses him one last time

returns to the sea-

she goes

a glance

slips again once more into her skin

quietly, silently into those weeping waves


(Hour 23)


He’d heard all that was to be said
Mulling over the thoughts in his mind
Walking past posted bills
On stained haphazard walls
How sad it was that no one saw
The long trek home
Each step heavier, heavier

(Hour 22)

to sleep on soft bed
pillows surrounding my head
drift off into sleep

(Hour 21/Haiku)

Candlelight flickering
Feathery wings flitter fast
Drawn to flame means death

(Hour 20/Haiku)

Strung together deep
Floating along the currents
Wait in silent blue

(Hour 19/Haiku)

All Hallows

Werewolves do howl
For in the darkness they creep alone
The zombies like to prowl
Scratching and biting they grunt and moan

They hunted from moonlit graves
They pounced from dark nooks
As long as no one misbehaves
The ghosts float along avoiding the looks

The candy they seek
The bags they have filled
Stuffed to the cheeks
Once again, a night been fulfilled

(Hour 18/Narrative)

pencil winds away
stuck in unraveled plastic
my mixtape is fixed

(Hour 17/Haiku)

   my thoughts center of you
every waking moment
 I catch my breath
stealing glances at time
   the day goes by
   I see you through the doors
skipping a beat
 your smile wraps around my heart
sets my soul on fire

(Hour 16)


plane crash on the beach
island, smoke monster, numbers
purgatory all

(Hour 15/Haiku)

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