Night Road

in taking the road at night
journeyed along the starlit trail
a hill against the southern stars
he plodded along, in the
darkness and solitudes
the world belonged to him
the moon and stars
had wrought
a coat
there were great distances the highways promising
incense to his gods.
he knew no reason
his vague imaginings
he saw
the night
off the
night advanced.
so frequently

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

Dear Me

dear me, the 7th grade loser–

you, with the short hair,
tomboy embodied

you, with the lazy eye,
the knock-kneed girl

you, with the bullied
quiet demeanor

you, with the anxiety,
the unpopular everything

you, who sits by herself,

you, whose moments
will shape her life

you, whose memories are lost
on long-forgotten dusty shelves

you, when home have moved
and life unbalanced

you, when the waters have calmed
from the turbulent storms

you, when her life has meaning,
can look back with
a sigh
a smile

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

Morning Coffee

“Damn,” she muttered,
pushing through the fog uncluttered.
holding her canteen full of coffee,
her bag loaded with toffee;
down the misty dock she went.
fast upon the hill she made her ascent,
up the path made of concrete,
what a momentous feat!
she arrived with a hush,
she wasn’t in a rush,
she paused–unlocked the door,
oh, her mornings, what a chore!
she looked to her right and on the fir shelf
sat a little toy elf.
a smile upon her face,
the day she’ll well embrace;
her first customer walks through,
that one last sip of her brew
she sets it down,
and sells a toy crown

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

Hill House

these dark halls
deep secrets and meandering spirits
years of misanthropic ghostly misfits
the house in restless humor recalls
frightful weather falls in rainfalls
the solemn spirits befits
the walls close up; this house commits
the broken down spirits, trapped and held, there is sits

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)


Danny, by himself
in these winter months,
long carpeted hallways-
cycling past doors

Danny was not alone,
the woman in 217,
his mother, the twins
Hallorann’s shine reached out

… and they stayed with him forever

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)


that deep sadness stays
those long nights we laid awake
our hearts, they feel the ache
that loss decays
our long lost moments, the faraway gaze
we hadn’t know what was at stake
one last long night before we wake
one last long night before our never-ending days

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

the dark box, it holds me in
dirt on wooden lid
panic sets in– match burns out

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

The Werewolf

the smiling silver
disc hangs
loftily above;
spots of starlight
peeking through;

this night walking
through the trees,
the darkened path;

soft at first,
echoes down the
darkened way;

the beast’s hot breath
upon my neck
I run.

keeping pace it howls
claws reach out,
teeth drip
in the glinting moonlight;

I turn to face,
brown fur, red eyes
I faint.

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

The Silence

starry dark skies
shadows of night
does beckon
under the waterfalls
it waits–

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

The Dandelion

little cracks in
the sidewalk
at the end of the block
where the feet
trample by
a peek of color
rising up
basking in the
evening glow

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

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