The Land Knows

prompt 14

They say the land knows you,
even when you are lost,
but what good does that do
when you do not know yourself?
A wanderer can only wander for so long
before his traveling
become his identity.



poem 13

A promise,
a symbol,
a new light.
A sign that the storm is ending.
A spectrum of color,
a signal of new birth.
We marvel at its mastery,
this masterpiece
inspiring art.


Your Happy Beginning

poem 12

It all seemed
so beautifully simple
when you stood there
watching him dance
and you smiled like
you had captured starlight.
I wish I could take you back there
and give you your happy beginning.


Dear Little Girl

poem 11

Dear little girl
in a broken world
that is fighting to dim your starlight,
don’t let them hurt you
or steal your joy
just love them and show them what Christ’s like.



poem 10

I still remember how you looked
the night we first met,
your golden eyes illuminated in the moonbeams.
Something about the way you smiled
made me feel things,
like I was standing at the edge of a dock,
about to dive,
unsure what I would encounter in the depths.
First friends, then lovers,
our memories were made between the hush of the summer’s breeze
and the fog that drifted up from our coffee.
As time passed by,
yours was the face I looked for in a crowd
and the smile I longed for
on lonely days.
We faded,
like autumn leaves;
our love was most beautiful
before it fell apart.
I met you in the moonlight
and lost you in the blinding light of day.
Years have passed,
but I still have your picture on my shelf.


The Giver

Poem 9

The Giver of knowledge,
Of love,
Of truth,
The Giver of Age
Of wisdom,
Of youth.
The Giver of Life
Has given me all.
He paid for my sins
Through His death
On the cross


Poem 8

She was my closest friend,
My dearest companion,
My strongest support.

She was my fiercest competitor,
My most frequent confrontation,
My harshest critique.

My sister, my friend


Poem 7

They gave us a song prompt for this hour. I used Neon Gravestones by Twenty One Pilots

Your love was strong;
your resolve was stronger.
You hid from your thoughts
til you could no longer.
You spoke of the darkness
but not of yourself.
You brought me joy
as days passed by.
I never thought
you’d say goodbye.
For who’d suspect,
my darling friend,
that you would meet
this gruesome end?
You told me that
there was no hope
and so you chose
to let life go.
The hole you dug
and fell inside,
you hid from us
with smiling guise.
Those we love most
we forget to tell.
I let you go
and then you fell.


Poem 6

Her eyes were the most beautiful golden color
I had ever seen,
yet still she longed for brown eyes
like her sisters.
She carried herself with the kind of confidence
that could only be used to hide insecurities.
She loved horses
but was terrified to touch them.
She enjoyed our country
but missed her home.
Maybe that was something like the horses,
missing a place she could not go
longing for a thing she could not touch.
I watched her as she feared and did things anyway.
Her truest self could only be seen
as she reminisced about the days
of sleeping on rooftops
and counting stars.
Now in the city, both were hidden from her.
Stars were replaced by the cold, artificial light
of those who wished to illuminate the world
and instead disguised its beauty.
She had a story
Hidden behind the golden glow of her eyes;
I wondered if I would ever hear it.
Perhaps somewhere within that story
lie the secrets of her past-
the shells of her confidence,
and the reasons she longed to be
just like everyone else.
She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen,
but somehow I knew
that behind them was a girl
who just wanted to go home.



She thought she needed more
than who she was.
She did not see the things
that she was capable of.
Like a garden long forgotten
in full bloom
she had a beauty
that not even she knew.

-h.e.m. 12 pm