I am Sacred Life

Looking beyond the fields I see a woman who is unafraid and ignorant to her outer beauty.

She runs toward the fire because life’s boundaries do not exist.

There is an unseen power she holds close to her heart

to love her is to know her true identity.

She is the protector of those who can see her passion.

Her creativity is what maintains her resilience.

Her secret weapon is humility.

Searching high because she has lived low.

A student in the classroom of life

She has become the master of the lessons taught and the mentor to those who truly want to know life’s sacred journey.

Finish the Race

As the sun rises her tears dry from the heat

pushing the limits of her body, mind, and spirit.

The finish line is just around the corner and her throat is dry from the lack of water

and her head starts to throb from dehydration.

Unable to feel her legs she focuses on her mind before her body fails.

The spirit is reserved for the very end of this race.

As her mind starts to picture the most beautiful images

and takes her to an island, a garden, the ocean, the river and at last an incredible waterfall is just ahead

She swallows the hard film resting along her cheeks

and opens her mouth to taste the refreshing coolness of the spring water flowing along the rocks.

Finally, her secret weapon is released and spirit bursts in with the energy as she completes the final mile.

Beloved Spirit

Beloved spirit I know your light is fierce and your flame burns bright.

When anxious thoughts cloud your mind in the middle of the night.

Breath my love and let wondrous dreams take flight

Capture the visions of pleasure and indulge as your subconscious enters rem sleep

and your body disconnects from the daily trauma you experienced in life.

Beloved spirit let the world miss you as rest overtakes your precious glow.

Release any inhibitions you held captive during the day.

The darkness of the night is your friend as now you have permission to allow your restlessness to engage.

Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up

Be young and carefree like the days of simply being alive was enough for you to see

Stay curious and remain playful

Never Grow Up

Be full of laughter and joy

Start jumping into rain puddles

and blow bubbles across the lawn

Never Grow Up

Revisit Neverland the novelties inside of your imagination.

Enjoying life without simple conversation

Gravitating toward kindness and displaying gifts of admiration

Never Grow Up

In His Image

He is the one who can see my truth both motivating and exhilarating with a presence designed to consume.

He is as gentle as my deepest state of meditation and as strong as this Sunday morning coffee I’m making just to get through.

He is the image of God in the land where many souls have been taken.

I breath him in daily so all of my doubts can become vacant.

He is merely a man who’s love was made just for me in this destitute land of the forsaken.

Life’s Flow

The rhythm of the drum pounding against the concrete
The peace of being in love while war rages in the street
The immaculate canvas displayed across the evening sky
The hands of forgiveness extended to the irrational mind
The smiles of children with ice cream dripping from their chins
The quiet of the night when the world is at rest and God’s miracles begin
The laughter of my ancestors sound like a sweet lullaby to my ears
This is the beginning of life and the end of all of my fears.


No longer allowing the opinions of others to dictate my life

I walk with the confidence of a super model

I shine bright as the Alaskan icebergs

I inhale with determination and exhale only to obliterate any misconception you may have about my quest in this life

No longer allowing my thoughts to distract my dreams from manifesting

I create the vision and deliver the impossible to your front door.

I am resilient, discerning and kind.

I can disappear like a magician at the drop of a dime.

I am whole and I am complete as I embrace the value of time.

Deep Waters

The sound of the waves hypnotize me

The salty smell draws me near as I deeply take in the wondrous creation of life living among the horizon.

The stillness and the rage excite my imagination

I runs my toes through the soft sand and feel the rough edges

I sink into the grey waters to cleanse my weary soul

The refreshing aftermath of peace surrounds my crown as I sink to the bottom without surfacing my desires to the top.

A Single Rose

A vision of beauty

the rose can inflict a lifetime of pain

The deepest of red and the softest of petals

surround the thorns as it sharpens

the scent of sweetness

and captures the pleasant sorrow of late blossoms

Creating delicate rhythms as one by one the release of extreme pleasure

escapes the pruning of it’s alluring pose.

Thicker Than Water

He and I share the same blood type and later we will share the same last name.
By choice I gave him my heart and waited for the indescribable rain.
The storm which never came and the tears didn’t fall.
I am with him when I’m not and I answer when he doesn’t call.

The telepathic way I sense the touch of his breath on my cheek.
The distance is somehow bearable and strangely unique.
I would be content in life just laying at his feet.
Deeper than love his joy creates happiness and his pain creates trouble.
Thicker than water his soul is attached to my spirit and the vibrations of his conviction compels me to protect him as if I were his brother.