Bohemian Rhapsody

A place of love and transparency.

Where our differences make us whole and no lies are told. Every person here is welcome to Simply be. Be free, be she, be he, be they, be them on any given day.

Now let us pray for the truth of God’s love to transcend the human’s perception of sin. When we no longer have to bury who we are deep within to fit in to a space, time, and place without trying to be erased, disgraced, killed or replaced.

To look upon your smile on your face and say damn you got good taste! To be unafraid of kindness, of curiosity, and ultimately love.


Seeds were planted deep beneath the surface.

Created to produce the bitter with sweet.

Flourishing while nourishing our bodies from the heat.

Sometimes its strange fruit was wonderful and unique.

But the blackness in their eyes would not let it be.


Dollars were created to systemize the poor from the wealthy.

Paper used to produce a new pair of shoes or remind us of the cost of food.

Sometimes its strange fruit was impactful and full of greed.

The blackness in their eyes became blind and numb

to what our president has become.


Prophets and gods were idolized to determine the value of human worth.

Manifesting a life and immortalizing a death all in the same breath.

Sometimes its strange fruit was full of awe and fear.

The blackness in their eyes kept the truth hidden for thousands of years.

Black Vibes

Holding space as women of color to share, love, and support one another.

Watching our children laugh, create and play.

What more can I say?


It’s a vibe with colorful currents in our airway.

A melody only my sisters can play.

Men of color your vulnerability is at an all-time high.

A refreshingly pleasant reason to just smile.


Watching you grow, embrace, and shine.

Say it one more time.

This world is mine.

It’s a vibe full of unity and truth.


I finally see you in all your blackness.

The beauty it holds and the passion it invokes.

Brilliance enters as you step in the room as the energy moves.


It’s a vibe a rhythm worth more than diamonds and gold.

The greatness recognized in self.

Aware of our connections and the power in our reflections.

I see you paying homage to our ancestors.

Dreams Deferred

In response to Langston Hughes “Harlem”

Strange enough I find myself thinking of you.

Sitting here reminiscing about our forgotten fruit.

The hopes and dreams we had in hopes of a life together.


Predicting we could withstand any storm together.

I take your hands into mine to feel your energy.

Moments I imagine that never happen.


In reality, you are there and I am here.

Missing the link to a chain, wondering what will remain?

How do I ease the loneliness only you can fill?


Words spoken but no longer heard, a touch no longer felt, and a presence no longer seen.

Am I now a memory of a forgotten dream?

I feel depleted in this dedication to a deferred dream.


Response to earlier poem “Homecoming”

The land you know, even when you are lost can return you to a final destination called home.
The road searching for a hard and deep plot of land to lay your weary bones.
The faces gather to watch in awe the last moments of your physical presence upon the earth.

The air no longer felt or taken in to replenish your body.
The seasons will shift from one extreme to the next.
As you lay in internal rest, exempt from fear, pain, and shame.

The water in the distance moves peacefully as the waves begin to replicate notes of an old gospel hymn.
The clouds accumulate into a dark and peculiar pattern above the church.
The scent of loved one’s flowers laid at the end of your feet.
The somber energy of a homegoing as the pallbearers enter the room.

Fire Within

Dear Fire Within,

You only seem to activate when my buttons

are pressed and a rage resurfaces from deep within.

It is when you appear, I feel the people-pleasing subside.

The need to run and hide.

There is a power you possess that I need to obtain instead of contain.

You make this life less mundane.

When the burning starts and flames erupt.

I fight to control the outcome of your wrath.

When I really should take a moment and laugh.

Fire within, you and I could become great friends.

There are days I need to see through your lens.

Your instinct to right a wrong.

The raw emotion you release awakens the beast I long to see.

Fire within, stay silent no more.

Speak even if your flame trembles

to tear down this façade of galore.


The last time it rained my heart was perplexed.

As drops land on the windshield,

Your words flood my mind with regret.

I should have left.

Instead, I replied, “let’s give this another try.”

Merely to stay by your side.

A downpour of mixed emotions.

Listening to the erratic behaviors your mind would play.

Imaging the relief and excitement to no longer be attached

to the imbalance in your world.

To stay captive under the umbrella you held onto faithfully was just too much.

You love hard but is it enough?

Stepping into the storm, allowing the drops of water to replenish my soul.

Trusting the rain to bring clarity in the midst of life’s woes.

Guided Path

Along the path to enlightenment,

we encounter life’s highs and lows.

Mere survival and determination become a mantra.

Acquiring the physical and mental strength

to surpass primitive understanding.

Guides tend to periodically download pieces

of a mastered blueprint into our memory.

Bound by songs of redemption,

we tend to rest but not sleep.

Through the days, months, and years with limited tears.

Resurfacing anew breath of light within our soul.

Embracing the balance of self

as the fallacies of the world unfold.

Last Call

Surrending to the chaos we wait for the call.

The destination predicted to end us all.

One by one we look up towards the sky, many still questioning why.

There is no fire, nor storm, or rain just simply pain.

Cascading around us like a dance.

Finally connected in our humanness.

Neither fortune nor fame will save us from the rapture of going insane.

Bonded by one another’s thoughts.

We now see the true results of greed and envy.

The end of us all presented in the form of a child, looking down at us from a great mountain peak.

We wait patiently to hear her speak.

A hum escapes her lips as the end approaches with the flick of her wrist.

We all will evaporate into the abyss.

She smiles as the tears roll down our faces.

What if we decided to dismiss the idea of separate races?

She shook her head with dread, preparing a funeral for the dead.

What if we undo the horrors of our past and all take a sip from one cup?

She sat down and crossed her legs to move into a meditative state.

We all knew by now it was too late to negotiate.

As her eyes close our minds deteriorate.


Gather around children let me tell you a story about Zero, the most powerful number in the universe.

In the beginning, the quiet was interrupted by a stillness called Zero.

Zero was born out of a life force like no other.

So strong Zero didn’t have a mother or a father.

An existence no one could follow or copy.

Zero’s gender was neither male nor female.

Nor animal or beast.

It was peaceful and calm, centered as a collection of elements waiting to be released.

Simmering like fire, cool like water, breezy like air and solid as the ground we call earth.

A mystical creation holding the very essence of life.

Levitating in the vastness of space, Zero was a mere collaboration of energy created to bring forth truth.

With the patience of an unborn child, Zero gave birth to the darkness in your eyes, the light shining in the sky and the endless landscape of the sea. In reality, Zero created you and Zero created me.

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