Greetings to all poets!

I am Mardiosa and I am glad to join the Poetry Marathon. I am a freelance writer from the Philippines. This is my first time to join the 24 hour poetry challenge and I am excited to stirring my passion for writing and gather beautiful ideas. To create a unique piece of art within a certain period that enthralls the spirit. I am humbled to join the upcoming event, get motivated, and inspired by amazing talents across the globe.

I am grateful to Jacob & Caitlin Jans for initiating this purposeful endeavor for writers.

I wish everyone the best of luck and God bless us all!

Thank you and may the force be with us.


Hello everyone!

I am Mardiosa, and I go by the name highearth8888. It is my first time to join the poetry marathon. Being a part of this challenge stirs my passion for the arts and love for unique verses. I am truly grateful for this amazing opportunity and I am excited to hearing the beautiful voices of diverse talents from across the globe.

Thank you and I wish all of you the best. God bless us all.