Hello, all. My name is Megan, I’m a 47yo teacher in Austin, Texas USA, and this will be my second half-marathon.


Don’t let them lie to you. This shit is HARD.
It’s a thankless grind,
a neverending litany of everything you
didn’t know
didn’t finish
didn’t get right
didn’t make it through
and every day it
starts over
keeps coming
won’t stop
won’t ever stop
and you can’t make the ends meet
and you can’t make the pieces fit
and you’re quite certain that the light at the end of this tunnel is
an oncoming train.

But some days…

Some days it all falls into place.
It all comes together and comes into focus.
And you can trace the patterns and see the path.
And the light hits everything just right and you’re quite certain that
you’ve never been a part of anything more beautiful in your life.

So no lies. This shit is HARD.
But some days?
Some days this shit is MAGIC.


Hello, poets! My name is Megan, and I’m an educator in Austin, Texas. I’ve never participated in any kind of writing challenge before and I don’t really consider myself an Author, but pretty words are my jam and I’m often muse-struck in the poetry realm. When I first heard about the Poetry Marathon, I registered immediately for the morning half (before I could chicken out). I’m a little terrified but mostly excited about the whole thing.

Wait…..okay, yeah. Still mostly excited. Excellent.