Fresh Snow (Emptiness)

Light snowfall kissed the tip of my nose

A shiver ran down my spine

Fields of untouched snow stretched for as far as my eyes could see

Pure white

My breath hitched and I felt colder than I ever had in my life

I’d never seen so much empty beauty

I dared not move for fear of disturbing the white blanket and

I dared not speak for fear of stirring something out of the stifled silence

It was all I could do to stand and look out into the white abyss as tears fell from my eyes

Passageway to Nowhere

Of course, each split in the road is a risk

But this is the passageway to nowhere

Left turn, right turn. Best go quick

There’s always a choice, but I promise you

Believe in yourself and every one will be correct

Do not doubt. Do not fret

Let your body go and your mind rest

The Garden of Secrets

I heard tale of a girl who became disillusioned with her life

Her mother says it was school

Her teachers say it was her home

Her friends say it was something else entirely

They say she found a secret garden filled with all the flowers in the world

She’d visit after school, making the garden her own

She told them the flowers were special, that instead of water they needed secrets

And secrets she gave them

Every day after school she stayed for hours, talking to those flowers

Giving them every secret she could thing of

In return they listened and listened and listened

And grew and grew and grew

Until one day she returned empty-handed, all her secrets spilled

The flowers shouted and shouted and shouted

They shouted every secret back at her in one deafening burst

Filling her head with every secret every girl had ever told them

Now her mother and her teachers say she ran away from home

But her friends – they say she became a flower that day in the secret garden

Waiting and listening for secrets

Summer Days in Rindal

Breakfast of porridge with a side of strawberries and heavy cream, cloyingly sweet

Resting on the porch beneath the canopy

Shaded from the northern sun

Hummingbirds zoom from feeder to feeder buzzing with each new taste of nectar

Knock knock knock

The woodpecker, somewhere along the treeline, his work echoing across the prairie

As the summer heat subsides into dusk fireflies flicker near the grass

Children run around the yard with jars to catch the moving lights

The full moon rises, bathing the night in a strange misty glow

It is time to go inside and rest. The summer day has come to an end

O Tiger

O tiger, the great tiger

A fire and a flash

Where are the trees

And where is the forest

For within the stars I’ve lost my way


Can you see the ghosts that haunt us?

Can you feel them as they pass us by?

Praise those that exclaim their fears

They are the purest of us all

A Gentle Moment

Shimmering sunlight creeps over my eyes

A strong smell of coffee nudges me awake

She hands me a smooth ceramic mug

Her gentle smile waking me up more than any cup of coffee ever could

I thank her and feel the bed dip as she sits next to me

She is pure light

Steam from the mug heats my face as I take my first sip

The warmth of the coffee spreads from my torso down to my fingers and toes

We sit there in loving silence, as the world moves on around us

For this moment is ours and ours alone

Under the Umbrellas

As she has done for so many years, she watches from the office window as each umbrella passes on the street below. She plays a game with herself, guessing the lives of each passerby


Solid black

Boring. A businessman who pretends to be well-organized but can barely keep himself together. He’s walking to a coffee shop for a black coffee. He will brag about it later to his female coworkers and none of them will be impressed


Yellow polka dots

Bubbly. A woman in her thirties. Excited for each new day. Hides her insecurities beneath a mask of smiles. She’s on her way to an interview for an entry-level marketing position. She hopes her ten years of experience are enough


Blue plaid

Down-to-earth. A college-aged man. He’s bright but was coddled by his family. He’s on his way to class in ill-fitting clothes. His mother will call in a few days to remind him to wash his sheets


Red and white floral

Lavish. A middle-aged-woman who’s coming home after work. She’s been career-driven for her whole life, but her husband still expects her to cook dinner for him. Once home, she will make a simple meal in silence while her husband watches TV


There are many more umbrellas to choose from, but the day is finally done. She puts on her raincoat and heads home

To Those I Left Behind

It would take too long to write to all of you

Everyone I left behind as I was forced to move forward

With each new place and each new life I met more of you

I like to think that each of our friendships helped us grow in some way

That we brought something good into each other’s lives

To all of you, whether it was only a few months or even a few years

Thank you

Your friendship means more than the world to me

The Answer

Two little birds rested on their perch

The first one asked, “Who do we answer to?

Do we answer to the heavens, to the sun and moon above?

To the stars and the inky blackness of the night that envelopes us in cooling comfort

To the clouds and the wind that rush past us as we soar across the world”


And the heavens and the earth smiled

Proud of their creation


The second responded,

“What about the earth? Do we answer to her?

The soft ground beneath our feet, calling us to eat

The rushing oceans and rivers, quenching our thirst

And the trees that grow from her, giving us homes and a place to rest our weary wings

She provides us with so much

Why shouldn’t we answer to her?”

The first looked down at the earth below, stumped


And the heavens and the earth smiled

Proud of their creation


Together they sat. Perched, pondering, children of both heaven and earth

“It is neither,” the first said. “It is both,” said the second

After much deliberation, they said together

“We answer to the other birds who live with us in the heavens and on the earth

Those birds we fly with in the sky, eat with on the ground, nest with in the trees

We answer to them all”


And the heavens and the earth smiled

Proud of their creation