My alarm clock  buzzing  and telling me to wake up from a short nap and so my brain asked me, to check the next prompt for 23 hours poetry marathon.

And this bright and glaring sun rays penetrate through the bedroom window’s curtain and greeting me to a blessed morning.

The sun warm touch, gave me the energy to continue my 24 hours journey.

I could hear birds chirping and cheer me to reach the finish line of the marathon.

it was a marvelous day, when I looked out of the window, to see people up on their feet and ready for a brand new day.

Some were going to the park for an early morning walk and some to their church of worship.

Upon my waking up, it was like,

As if, I got 8 hours of deep sleep, instead of 20 minutes break from writing poems.

I was already up before the clock warn me. I made  a cup of coffee and open the window to feel the cool breeze and

Instead, I got a sun kiss from Mr. Sun.

How to do crabbing

What an all day to catch a crab

And it takes a lot of patience to go crabbing under the heat of a fiery sun.

You add the bait inside the net

You lower the net to the bottom of the shallow water and wait

Yoy waited and waited but, the bait is gone and the crab had free lunch.

You add another bait into the net

You lower the net to the bottom of the shallow water and wait

You waited and waited all day and

To your surprise, a tiny, undersize crabs was trapped in the net

You let go those baby crabs and

Head off to a seafood market to buy a bushel of crabs for your family dinner

who are expecting, you’ll bring home a big catch.

Well , I miss crabbing in Virginia Beach

A woman of grace

She’s  the goddess of the universe,

And she deserve love and respect.

Her beauty is mesmerizing

And  watch out, you can be hypnotized.

Her beautiful eyes are impressive, she has a kindred spirit.

The curve of her hips are gracefully swaying like a swan in a lake.

She’s the Venus on earth and her Mona Lisa smile is very captivating and charming.

And her long and shiny black hair is her crown glory.

A perfect persona, magnetic and very appealing.






Organic beauty

It’s not a Botox, it’s more than a skin deep.

for a start, get your hormones back on track

and look delightfully delicious and glow even in the dark.

Empower yourself and take control of your menopausal syndrome and

revitalize  and restore your cell with natural estrogen and pure oxygen,

and will make you radiantly healthy and naturally pretty.

its time to control your imbalance hormones

by, doing daily exercises, healthy diet and far more.

Natural beauty isn’t just an easy fix,

its the attitude that resonate.

A total overhauling of mind, body and spirit will do the trick.


Walking dead on a cloudy mountain

I walked through the woods on a foggy mountains with no where to stop.

I came across a big bear with hungry cubs in tow,

I  begun to slow down and hid behind a humongous rocks.

I stopped breathing, so no one could hear me and the only way

To save my life from those hungry scavengers.

I didn’t know that it took them so long to stay close to where I am.

My brain started protesting, to pump more oxygen and

Pretending I played  dead  for more than an hour and my heart stopped,

I’ m brain dead now.

Nightmares terrorized my whole being and the chase won’t stop now,

Hallucinating from fear of death.

I am a walking dead among the maze of Forrest wood and the dark foggy night, lost my way out

Out of the cloudy mountain.






The mystery of a frog in my jar

August monsoon rain.flooding my garden, that stormy evening and

I heard a loud cry of frogs in a festive mood of lovemaking

In a pool of water cascading towards  a small stream.

My raincoats and boots are dripping, when I tried to check my garden flooded up to my waist

Thinking my vegetable garden was badly damage from the flood.

i hang my raincoat and left my wet boots outside

And went back to my kitchen to get hot water from my teapot.

The steam from the pot touched my elbow and left a red mark.

it warms my shivering body from cold after a cup of coffee.

iI returned upstairs to get a warm blanket and noticed my children are intact in bed.

I laid down to get some sleep but, it kept me awake all night,

Worrying about the tomatoes I have in my garden and are ready for harvesting.

At the break of dawn, I went out to check my garden and

Lo and behold, some tomatoes survive the floods area, while the rest are left rotten.

Picking ripe tomatoes are easy and it filled up my basket easily.

I heard a slurpy munching sound from the back of a tree,

A  squirrel peculate  and munching on my sweet tomatoes.

After preparing a canner, a jar and a lid to preserve my tomatoes,

I noticed a green speckled frog inside one of my jar,

mysteriously jumped inside the basket full of red and green tomatoes.









A brave hunter from Thespias in Boeotia,

Who was known for his beauty.

The son of the river God Cephissus and nymph Liriope.

Narcissus fell in love with his  reflection

Because of the beauty of his mirror image

And not realizing, it was just a reflection from the pool.

He stared at his  mystical beauty of his reflection

Until he passed away with narcissism .



Yes, i a  Superwoman, married with children.

i always wear a smile on my face to greet my day and you never hear me complaining.

My bosom are big and so comfy to lean on. The softness can absorb all the emotional pain my family shared.

Yes, I am a Superwoman,

I need to stay steong and brave to help my children face the realm of life.

Yes, because, I am a Superwoman not only to my children but also to my husband who’s not into multitasking.

I have to be up on my feet early morning, doing endless errands but,

Sometimes, I felt worn out, tired and wrinkled with all the household chores,

Sleepless night of breastfeeding,

Guiding children with homeworks

Accompany and watch children with their baseball practices

Grocery shopping and preparing a hot meal for my hungry family and yes,

A Superwoman, you never hear me complaining because, I care.

Truly, I am a Superwoman, in the eyes of my family,

And I am trying to be pleasant with everyone and

Always with grace, even under pressure.

Yes, I am a Superwoman

Never get sick only occasionall headaches.

The  Superwoman in me, woke up one day and

In the mirror, I look at my aging and  worn out self,

With unkept hair and always wearing an old mommy jeans and over size sweater.

Lost time for pedicure and manicure,

No more trace of make up and not even a visible stain of lipstick,

Only blemished, dried and chopped skin.

I baked cookies and cakes for every occasion and worried much about the gift to present,

i bought them new clothes and shoes and forget about my needs.

Whatever money left are for utility bills and miscellaneous family expenses.

Yes, they never hear me complaining because,

I am their Superwoman.




. A dialogue with a poet

I am obsessed with writing notes on a table napkin,

But never a poem was written except, a sweet note of inspiration.

it wasn’t even properly compose in a correct grammar or even rephrase

Inside the dark pocket, waiting to unveil the beauty of prose.

I battled procrastination, the reason why I kept a journal.

A  reminder, that I need to keep on writing.

Seating quietly  for hours on my desk and suddenly I switched  to reading a book instead.

I was told to set a goal but, my brain doesn’t cooperate.

Had I not been procrastinating, I should have done, what I have done.

Perhaps, a published book of poetry or a short novel,

But, the last paragraph, caught me hanging.

i can’t even weave words to end the last paragraph of my plot

Can’t even invent a story to put a tragic ending to my novel.

Thinking my imbalance hormones affect my sincere intention to write

And set aside my goal instead.

When my mood change,

The journal I bought, contained doodles of flowers and hearts.

Maybe, the poems and the story that I need to write,

Must be kept inside my heart because,

The words that I have are seared with scars and

Only blotches of ink from tears will be visible,

To the naked eyes of the reader

Because, I was badly hurt.


After the rain

O what a gloomy night, the rain hasn’t stop and never run dry.

Hoping to give way, to a warm gorgeous day.

A rainbow appeared, a promised from above.

While a magnificent red cardinal stop by, to cheer me up, while clearing the blue sky.

Then, a bald eagle circling my perimeter,  eying a family of hares and his eyes are keenly watching intently.

The mother rabbits warned her babies and quickly hide inside their burrow.

Quickly, they disappeared from the scene and from their prey.

O’ what a lovely morning to start my day.

While I’m having my breakfast a magnificent butterfly drop by for a chat.

Her queenly and graceful moves, mesmerized me.

As I watched her ate the crumbs of bread on my table, like an invited guest.

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