in solitary confinement, recalling.


to your conscience, peacefully gathered.


your authentic self,realizing.


now in peaceful serenity, stress free living.



Thriving is


time to go, grow and glow.


then you boom,bouncing and blooming,

Go move and get moving.



Fading beauty

Fading beauty

Sleeping beauty,creepy and cold dead.

Bugs eating flesh, swirling,swarming flies,nibbling,

Feasting on decaying carcass, worms munching,

Fading beauty disappeared,inside a cold and dark casket.

From ashes to dust.


My path

My path in life

Numerous unexpected turns,caught by surprise,

I trust in God.

Across are parched places, dark and narrow,

No way out,except to trust in God and make a big turn around.

My particular way could possibly not the right way,

I trust in God.

His guidance lead me where I must go,

On the path of great life’s challenges, I turn around and let go.



My life is like a canvas

My life is like a canvas,sometimes colorful and in black and white.

As I grew old through the continuing cycles of change,

From harsh autumn wind,to a blizzard winter spell…

I remain unchanged.

My life is like a canvas with different strokes of colored paint and sometimes in black and white.

From the dry spell of summer sun,to a breezy wind of spring…

I remain unchanged.

My life keeps on twirling,like a spinning wheel and it all comes in divine order,I believe…

I remain unchanged.

My life will always remain, like a canvas of colors and sometimes in black and white.



Seduction after Dark

After dark, the moon is full and bloody red

Eyes longing, searching for a victim to devour.

Victims who are susceptible to her magic charms,

her tempest beauty is enticing and tempting.

Lonely spirit are inviting and she’s itching her way

to seduced her first victim. Blood oozing from first bite.

The night is in desolation, victims longing to draw closer,

spreading her aura of desires to get in.

She sneak in the dark alley to steal the moment,

Of forbidden sin..a crime passion.

As we get old

As we get old,

Cracking limbs and joints,

Synchronization of bones,

Moving to get fit, to keep my throne.




In a dark corner of the world,

Broken spirit have lost it’s mission, forever drifted.

Trailing lonely paths,with no clear intention,

Locked in their own world,

No trace of hope unfold.

Forbidden souls,roam in state of insanity,we mourn.

In a dark corner of the world,destitute soul bare and cold.





Our reflection,a misleading fantasy,

True acceptance of ourselves,betray.

Face the truth,go out of your comfort zone,

Stop daydreaming before you’ll get drown.

Soul mate

Soul mate, mirror image,supernatural

Inexplicable soul,blinded…

A cynical.


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