Letter to My Younger Self Poem 7

Dear One,

I see you reaching

For so very many things

So many dreams

Some will come true

Others will not

Some will allude you like a thief in the night

There will be cold dark days of hell

Nights of endless wonder

And many many many days of pain

You will be surprised by who you love

Who will stand by you and who will not

And the ones that will break you

You will have days of rejoicing

But it is the pain that will make you

Get up from the cold floor

Take a step and then a few more

Keep reaching as high as you can

Until your arms ache and your back breaks

And your legs quiver and quake

You will never lose more than you can

You will never achieve if you don’t get up again

You will never know love if you don’t open your heart

You cannot finish

If you are ashamed to start

So start dear one, start today

Climb every ladder and sing every song

Write every poem and love

Let your self love and be loved

Lets see how much further we can go….

Consequences Poem 6



I have held my heart

Up and out of my body

For the whole world to see

I have tried to give it

Easily, Coyly

At a distance

I have given it gladly

Had it stolen away

I seem to grow another

Too easily perhaps

My hearts span the globe

carried by people who didn’t want them

Abused them, used them

Didn’t care about them but took them anyway

Taken by people with kind smiles

Hiding bitter souls

Neglecting their promises

Seems my hearts were never given

To the deserving

Or the righteous

They were given to the the ones

Who stabbed my back

And pierced my dignity

My hearts are scattered

Dashed, betrayed

Sacked, pillaged

Taken away

Guess They

Must have needed them

For something

Cat Poem 5

Cat is holding my book

My poems in his grasp

My attention sought

He won’t just ask


His paws reach far

Claws in or out?

My work doesn’t matter

He won’t care if I pout


Literary kitty

Sleeps on pen and books

Slaps at my words

Gives me a smirk


Wonder if he dreams

Of putting paper to pen

But he just sleeps on my book

In his world of Cat Zen


As he slashes my hand

Sleeps on my verse

I won’t take his comments

As something perverse


A cat’s poem is his life

Its his job to ignore

His mission is to play

His demeanor to be bored


My toughest critic

Will never be won

He will get in my way

And add to the fun




Battles Poem 4

It never seems to be

What you think it will

You fight your battles

You charge up the hill


You pay your dues

You scream your cries

You dream for love

Your loved one dies


It never seems to be

What you plan out for

No matter how you try

They just slam that door


But one can never give up

One must continue on

Keep to that path

Try and stay strong


Maybe just maybe

Something good will come forth

You fought the battle

No time for remorse


Battles get won

Doors open wide

One day you will see

As you as step your way through


There was gold in the battles

Riches on the path

Love builds to love

The cries make you laugh


There’s a gift in your future

A reward in success

The journey’s what matters

Until you take your last breath…..






Cat and I Hour 3

It is still dark on Maui

The birds haven’t started in yet

My cat lounges close

My behavior a study for him

The fan whines in the quiet

Here we are alone together

The rest of the world cannot

Does not exist

I falter though words and sounds

Too easily lost in my own thoughts

Thoughts that are lost in silence

We are sleepy, melting

2 strays living as family

Cat snuggles the couch

I snuggle the poem

The one that brought us together sleeps

Far far away in another room

The cat and I are content


Listening for the morning light

Death Hour 2

Death has been on my mind lately

All over the news

Spilling all over my life

An old friend visiting me

An old enemy that always returns

Death toys with me,

Tugs at me

Tempts me

Terrifies me

Standing waiting

Like a waiter, or a butler

Or a manager

An executioner

Judging it all

Dark mysterious

Stealing loved ones

Giving me no choices

Just adapt, change

The only true real thing

I brace myself

Wondering who’s next



But I am never prepared

Death likes it that way

It makes him proud

He likes being in charge

Morning hour 1

This morning soothes me
A bouquet of fresh words
A fountain of calm energy
I could fly from here
Or softly float
Greeting the day knowing
Time and source are one.

I so easily caught
Right and left
Up and down
Early and late
Now soar to timelessness
One hour stretching to the next
Reaching into infinity

My face ages
My soul does not
My words carried on the winds of time
Their power and strength hold me
Tenderly caressing me
I allow them to float me away
Until I the time traveler
Becomes suspended

Yet ultimately completely found

Hello from Maui

I am looking forward to this challenge….  I am part of the Maui Live Poets Society and need some new material. This will be great to push my work even further.

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